Why to wear Yellow Sapphire: Mystery Behind Pukhraj

Why to wear Yellow Sapphire: Mystery Behind Pukhraj

Gemstones are the effective stones which have a different important role in astrology. Yellow Sapphire which is also known as pukhraj is one of them. It is counted as a precious gemstone in second place because of its effective benefits. It is good to wear yellow sapphire gemstones because it can affect your financial and social status and can also make your Venus strong.

It is better to wear yellow sapphire because it can improve your skills, your creativity and your learning power. Along with the skills it also affects your health. It cures various diseases related to heart, blood, kidney or mental stress, anxiety and depression. There are a lot of people who face delay in marriage. Jupiter indicated husband in women’s horoscope, the woman who wears yellow sapphire gets a good husband and does not face delay in her marriage.

What is yellow sapphire and how it looks:

yellow sapphire

A precious and a beautiful yellow colored stone belongs to the corundum mineral family. It is bright yellow from transparent to translucent. It has a smooth surface and bright shining which looks so adorable. According to Vedic astrology, it belongs to the Jupiter planet. It means it can save you from the bad effects of Jupiter. 

A wrongly placed Jupiter can make your financial and social status weak. There are many gemstones which affect your life but when we talk about Jupiter planet. Jupiter is the second most auspicious planet and the first is Venus. Jupiter is considered to be the planet of the “guru”, which improves your intellect, your skills, and your power to learn. A better Venus can help you to attain your goals and success.

How to know yellow sapphire suits you:

If yellow sapphire suits you then it starts giving positive results. It suits you if your Jupiter is wrongly placed in the horoscope. According to Indian astrology, suitable ascendants are Sagittarius and Pisces. According to western astrology it is recommended to only Sagittarius. But for wearing it you have to take care of some instructions that are weight, colour, metal, finger, day and time, chanting process.

Weight: At least 1/12th of the wear according to the body weight. It all depends on the wearer. There are two types, one in quantity and another in quality. If you wear the best quality then you can wear less weight but if you wear a low quality then quantity should be high.

Colour: Its main colour is yellow but in yellow many shades are available, transparency also matters. It is a bright yellow colored stone. And mostly, a transparent and a light colour of yellow sapphire are preferable.

Metal: It all depended on the wearer which metal suits and wanted them. But panchdhatu is considered a good for astrological jewellery and also for yellow sapphire stone. Except panchdhatu, gold and brass are best for it.

Finger: You can wear it on any jewellery you want. Pendant, Ring or any other jewellery. If yellow Sapphire is worn in the ring then index finger or hand is good for effective results.

Day and time: Yellow sapphire is a stone which is ruled by Jupiter planet, Jupiter is the planet also known as guru, the day of guru or Jupiter planet is Thursday. It is believed that wearing yellow sapphire on Thursday can be more beneficial.

Chanting method: Chanting mantra is important when you energise your stone before wear. It is important to energise it because without the process it will give you benefits. So, this is the mantra which you have to chant while energising your pukhraj stone ‘Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah’, “ॐ ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नमः” ।

From where yellow sapphire come:

Yellow Sapphire belongs to the corundum mineral family which is found in different origins that is Ceylon, Burma and Thailand but Ceylon sapphire is highly preferable for its astrological benefits. Ceylon gives the best quality of sapphire and transparency. Because of its transparency and its quality is high in rate but gives effects earlier. Some of the yellow sapphire which look so beautiful are heated and treated. Heating and treating are the two processes which are done with stone just to make it more attractive, shining and beautiful but that heated and treated stone is very cheap in price and does not give benefits at all. It is mandatory to wear natural sapphire for astrology.  

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