Turquoise Gemstone: All information of Feroza gemstone

Turquoise Gemstone: All information of Feroza gemstone

Turquoise Gemstone is a semi-precious blue colored gemstone belonging to the phosphate mineral family. It is a December birthstone also known as Firoza stone/ Feroza stone. It is ruled by Jupiter planets and recommended to those people whose Jupiter is weak. It gives financial, health and many other benefits to the wearer. It is blue in colour and opaque in appearance. It is beneficial for those people who are making their career and want to get success.

Benefits of Turquoise gemstone:

  • Success benefits: Jupiter is the planet of knowledge. And, this gemstone is ruled by Jupiter planet. Turquoise gemstone makes the mind powerful of the wearer, improves knowledge and helps to attain success. It makes Jupiter strong and helps to concentrate this stone is considered good for career dedicated people.
  • Health benefits: Besides other benefits, it is also good in giving health benefits to the wearer. It has the properties of curing health disease. It can cure liver and lung problems. It is also a good healing gemstone; it is also capable of curing kidney diseases and improves immunity.   
  • Financial issues: Turquoise gemstone is good for financial problems. It solves the financial issues wearers face. It gives financial power and wisdom to the wearer. For wealth problems, feroza stone can be beneficial. It can make you financially strong and improve your status.

Who can wear turquoise gemstone:

Firoza Stone can be worn by anyone, it can also be worn by people with different caste and religion. But wearing firoza is good for those who have financial problem, health problems. But it is more beneficial for those whose Jupiter is weak in their horoscope. Most of the time it is recommended to Jupiter affected people. Except for these benefits anyone can wear it for astrological benefits or for show as jewellery.

How to wear Turquoise gemstone:

Firoza stone is worn on a good day at a good time and with the right method so that it can give more benefits to the wearer.

  • Day and time: It should be worn Thursday between 6 Am to 8 AM.
  • Finger: It is worn in ring finger for more effective results.
  • Metal: It can be worn in any type of metal; it’s all depending on the wearer. You can wear it in gold, silver or any other metal.
  • Chanting method: This is the mantra for the wearer of firoza stone, Om Keshavaya Pannvendraya namah, ॐ केशवाया पांनवेंद्राय नमः

Turquoise gemstone quality:

Whenever it comes to gemstone, quality should be best. Only Natural gemstones can give positive results. Otherwise wearing a bad quality gemstone will not give an effective result. So, whenever you wear or buy firoza/ Feroza gemstone then keep these points in mind.

Origin: Turquoise stone comes from many countries, main countries from which feroza comes are Iran, Tibet, Mexico and many more. But, Firoza is Iran is considered best because it gives more effective results to the wearer. Iran firoza is best for astrology purposes.

Colour: Feroza is generally blue colored but it is also available in many colours like purple, white and green but most of the time blue colored feroza is more preferable and also it is easily available. Other colored feroza stones are not easily available or they are not giving more effective results.

Clarity: generally, feroza stone is opaque in appearance, hard in surface and also has some spot in it. Clear surface feroza is very rarely found and also expensive. Turquoise stone is of many types, some turquoise has small spots, some have lines and some have spider web-like marks. These spots and marks are very normal and also these spots do not affect the result.

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