Important Precaution Before Wearing Gemstones

Important Precaution Before Wearing Gemstones

When a problem troubles the person for a long time, it is said that the house is sitting in the wrong place in the horoscope of that person, if one of the 9 planets is weak or is sitting in the wrong place, then that person will face many problems. In such a situation, the common things that people face are poor health for a long time, lack of medicines, financial problems, no progress, and deterioration in everything, interruptions in marriage, excessive anger, and problems in the house and many other things.

In such a situation, people do a lot of measures such as charity, getting Havan or worship done at home, wearing gemstones, wearing Rudraksha and many more. People wear gems at the behest of astrologers, but sometimes they do not get any benefit. This happens only when people wear stones at the wrong time or in the wrong way.

Things to keep in mind while wearing gemstones:

Day and Time: The thing that you have to take care of the most while wearing a gemstone is the right day and time, every gemstone is connected to a planet and every planet has its own day. Each gemstone is worn on a different day. Blue Sapphire- Saturday, Yellow Sapphire- Thursday, Ruby- Sunday, Emerald- Wednesday, Coral- Tuesday, Pearl- Monday, Hessonite Garnet- Saturday Cat’s Eye- Saturday. These gemstones are worn on these days.

Finger: A lot of jewellery is made of gemstones but rings are worn the most. Planets are mounted under the finger in our hands and by wearing a ring; those stones are directly connected to that mount. There are different mounts under different fingers, wearing the ring of gemstone in the finger of the mount of that planet. Blue Sapphire- Middle Finger, Yellow Sapphire- First finger, Ruby- Ring Finger, Emerald- Little Finger, Coral- Little Finger, Pearl- Little Finger, Hessonite Garnet- Middle Finger, Cat’s Eye- Middle Finger.

Right Date: Although there is no exact date for wearing gemstones, there are some dates on which wearing gemstones should be avoided. 4, 9, 14 are the dates when wearing gemstones should be avoided. Other days which are not good for wearing gemstones are New moon day (Amavasya), Eclipse and Sankranti.

Enough Weight: Just as it is necessary to eat a full stomach when feeling hungry, in the same way it is also necessary to wear enough weight of gemstone to cure the wrongly placed and weak planets. The higher the quantity of gemstone, the better it is, more quantity gives more benefits. So while wearing gemstone, take special care of enough gemstone weight.

Metal: Different gemstones are suitable for different metals. It is very important to take care of the metal because if the metal does not suit, then the gemstone can have negative effects, then you may have to face negative effects. Blue Sapphire- Silver, Yellow Sapphire- Gold, Ruby- Gold, Emerald- Gold or Silver, Coral- Copper, Pearl- Silver, Hessonite Garnet- Silver, Cat’s Eye- Silver. Except all these metals any alloy metal like panchdhatu and ashtadhatu can also be used.

Energising process: Gemstones are worshipped to activate the power of what is called the Energising Process. Unless the Gemstone is activated, its benefits will not be available. While energising some people keep their gemstone in milk for the whole night that is wrong. Some Gemstones absorb milk and that can damage Gemstones. You just need to dip gemstones in gangajal. Every gemstone has a different energising process.

Life of a gemstone: Gemstones lose their power after a period of time, and they need to be replaced when they run out of power. In such a situation, take it out and wear a new gem. But there are some gemstones whose life can never end; they can be worn for the whole life. Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Hessonite Garnet, Cat’s Eye and Diamond are beneficial for lifetime, but after removing the lustre of the pearl, it should be changed and if there is a scratch on the coral.

Quality: Another thing is quality, for the best result of gemstone it is very important to wear the best quality. Different gemstones have different qualities. From low to high, all qualities are available in gemstone. Low quality gemstones are not good for astrology, medium quality gemstones are beneficial but not effective and high quality gemstones are best for astrology and effects soon. Gemstones which are worn for astrology should be natural. Fake, Heated and treated gemstones never affect.


While taking off your gemstones:

Most of the people take care only before wearing a gemstone Most of the people take care only while wearing the Gemstone but there are many things to be kept in mind while taking off the Gemstone. The day the gemstone belongs to, should be removed on the same day.

After removing the gem, it should be washed in Gangajal and kept in a clean and safe place and donate the things of that planet. If the gem is lost or stolen, it means that the defects of that planet are eliminated. And if there is a crack or scratch in the gem, it means that the planet is very influential, then donate things of that planet and get the worship done for its peace. And if the colour of the gemstone fades, it means that the planet started getting cured.

Other tips for strengthen planet:

When a planet is weak or is sitting in the wrong place in the horoscope, then other things can be done to correct it apart from wearing Gemstone, so that that planet gets cured soon. Wearing Gemstone is a good option but we can also do such things in our daily life by which the bad planet can be cured.

Like promoting the colour of that planet, wearing clothes of that colour, always keep a handkerchief of that colour with you. Donating the things of that planet, chanting the mantras of that planet. Getting the worship done to pacify the planet.

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