Everything to know About Blue Sapphire Stone

Everything to know About Blue Sapphire Stone

More About Blue Sapphire Stone

The Gemstone for the month of September, Blue Sapphire Stone (also known as ‘Neelam’ in Hindi), is one of the hardest precious stones we know. In fact, with a hardness of 9/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness- it is only a little less hard than the diamond. 

This means that blue sapphire is so durable that it can be scratched only with a diamond. This makes blue sapphire is one of the most exquisite, admired and potent Gemstone among all.

The Powerful stone

According to Vedic Astrology, Blue Sapphire stone is the Gemstone of the karmic planet “Shani” or Saturn. These are, therefore, recommended by many astrologers to protect you from the wrath of Shani. The Gemstone is auspicious to the Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendants.

It is believed that Shani retains his magical powers in the Blue sapphire- wearing this precious stone on Shani Amavasya brings prosperity, wealth, and good luck. Its bearers have reported an immediate impact after wearing this Gemstone. For a very long time, in the history of various cultures, it has been believed that blue sapphire stone possesses mystical powers, including divinity, truth, innocence, peace, and good health. 

Hence, it is said that the stone is very powerful in the nature because Saturn as a planet is supposed to be a ruling planet. ‘Shani’ is considered to be the biggest curse on anybody, and there is plethora of individuals who are currently facing the problem of Shani. Therefore, as per multiple astrologers who do state that wearing this stone helps in overcoming the problem of Shani. Overall, the stone is supposed to be very auspicious. More than that, the stone also has a very elegant look attached to it.

The Royal stone

Blue sapphires are believed to represent wisdom, virtue, blissful fortune, and sanctity for royals. The kings used to wear it in ancient times since the sapphires protect their wearers from evil. Until the late 17th century, only the royalty and the high priests were allowed to wear blue sapphire, and anyone else caught wearing them would be considered a crime and would be punished! When we talk about royalty and the stone attached to it, then there is one name which pops up in the minds of many and that is the Blue sapphire stone. There is no doubt, that this stone is very royal in nature as it was used by the kings and the prince in the earlier times to save themselves from the bad evils.

Sapphire as an Engagement Ring

As an engagement ring, the blue sapphire stone denotes faithfulness and sincerity towards the spouse. Although diamonds still rank number one concerning durability and shine, blue sapphires, due to their comparable strength, charming colour, and potent qualities, gain ground as a stone in the engagement ring. Very commonly the tradition has been going for decades that people have been using the Sapphire stone as an engagement ring, as it is a sign and a hope of commitment.

Bodily and Psychological effect:

The Europeans in the Middle Ages associated the stone to the heavens because of its colour. They believed that sapphires cured diseases and preserved chastity, and provided other heavenly blessings. It is still thought that sapphires are very beneficial for diseases like paralysis, bones and tooth-related ailment, and asthma. It aids in curing diseases like skin diseases and plague and also helps to combat stomach related disorders.Overall, with the presence of the stone, one can have  sharper psychological balance in life. There have been instances when the stone has helped plethora of people dealing with some problems be it mental or physical to feel better with the presence of this stone.

Blue Sapphire stone also affect the psychology of a person- it increases intelligence and patience. This precious stone keeps the mind calm, which helps you to make the right decisions in life. The colour blue is the colour of discipline and focus, and so the blue sapphire enhances your efficiency and helps you do any work sincerely. In general, a blue sapphire brings fame and fortune to its bearer. It is a boon for those in the fields of judiciary, engineering, architecture, and spirituality. 

Charming Characteristics

Apart from its exquisite colour and shine, most people are enthralled by a rare phenomenon called “the star effect” or asterism. It is observed in almost every 3 out of 100 gemstones. In the stones that exhibit this phenomenon- a star of six spokes appears to shine on the sapphire’s dome surface when it is exposed to natural bright light at a certain angle (star sapphire).

Another intriguing feature of the blue sapphire is its colour changing quality. Although sapphires come in a wide range of colours, blue sapphires also slightly change colour according to the ambient light. The “colour changing” variety of these precious stones exhibit different colours depending on the lighting- they shift subtly from blue in daylight to bluish-purple in incandescent light.

Care must be taken:

Blue Sapphire also might prove to exercise some adverse effects according to your birth with all the benefits that it possesses. Therefore, it is always advised to check how the stone works for you before deciding to wear it permanently. To test the stone, you can do either of the two:

1. Keep the stone under your pillow at night: If you experience nightmares, night sweats, difficulty in sleeping, or general discomfort. You shouldn’t wear it.

2. Tie the stone to a scarf or a handkerchief and tie the cloth around your arm for a day: If you feel lethargic, fatigued or experience any bodily discomfort, you should avoid wearing the stone.

Care must also be taken to see which stones you can wear in combination with the blue sapphire. Rubies should never be worn with a blue sapphire, whereas wearing a diamond or an emerald with a blue sapphire enhances its positive effects.

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