Blue Sapphire Benefits And How Does It Work

Blue Sapphire Benefits And How Does It Work

Blue sapphire which is also known as neelam is a precious blue colored stone belonging to the corundum mineral family. It is considered the most effective and most beneficial gemstone among all the stones.  As beautiful as this stone looks, it is also beneficial and dangerous too.

Neelam, ruled by planet Saturn, its vibes can protect the wearer from many negative energies or evil eyes. It removes and provides a protection of malefic effect of wrongly placed Saturn and weak Saturn. This makes the stone more mysterious because Saturn can make and even destroy one’s life.

According to astrology, the benefits of stone neelam effect a lot on your mind, soul, luck and health. It makes the life of its wearer with their effective astrological benefits.

Blue sapphire benefits are that it attracts good luck, brings clarity in thought, makes you financially strong, provides you better health, along with these benefits it also helps in removing negative effects of Saturn planet. 

Blue Sapphire significance:

Every gemstone is connected with the particular chakra of the body. They have the power to unlock and maintain that chakra. Each stone has a different colour and effects which can work on their particular chakra of the body and control it.

Neelam gemstone potentiates and encourages the vital chakra to increase healing at the bottom of your body. It is connected with the third eye which helps the person to control their thoughts, improve the ideas and creative thinking.

In the ancient times, neelam gemstone was used to cure the ailments related to the eye. It depends where it is worn; it works on speech, communication, and gets rid of chronic disease related to fever, nose bleeding and headache.

Importance of Blue Sapphire:

The main blue sapphire benefits is that it provides clarity in thought. Beneficial for the people who are facing problems, frustrated, bogged, cluttered, this stone helps them to get out of their problems and provide peace to their mind.

After wearing neelam, the wearer can experience its effects instantly.

The wearer can feel blue sapphire benefits within a day. Wearers of neelam gemstone can see its effects in their luck, career, and success and most important effects in opportunity. It’s a stone which removes the hurdles and helps to flow energy from body to mind.

blue sapphire benefits

Other blue sapphire benefits:

Makes digestion better

Brings improvement in concentration

Reduce fatigue

Results can be attain quickly

Reduce financial problems

Removes fear and negativity

Improve decision making power

Protect from evil eye

Provides mental relief and makes mind strong

Side Effects of Blue Sapphire (Neelam):

Till now you have read only its benefits but these mysterious blue sapphires also have side effects. As you read above that is connected with Saturn or ruled by planet Saturn.

How neelam gemstone works on you all depends on how your Saturn is placed. Neelam can change the life of its wearer. If it affects positively then it is going to make your life better but if it affects wrong then it can bring you bad luck.

Every benefit of neelam which you have read above can affect you if neelam doesn’t suit you. It is very important to be careful if you want to wear neelam gemstone. It is better to consult before wearing it.

Quality and types of blue sapphire:

Origin: The main quality of gemstone depends on its origin. From the country it belongs to and where it is founded. Blue Sapphire is found in many countries i.e, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Thailand. The best quality of sapphire is found in Kashmir and after that Sri Lanka.

Colour: It is is blue colored but available in different shades and hues. Kashmir neelam is darker in colour but high in transparency. Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is lighter in colour and has enough transparency. Then the next Burma and Thailand are usually opaque and are less used in astrology.

Clarity: All gemstones which are natural contain inclusions. Gemstones are found in earth crust that’s why they have inclusions. Blue sapphires without inclusions are very rarely founded. Normal inclusions are acceptable in astrology. These inclusions don’t affect benefits but more can affect and are usually avoided.

Quality: Stones which are used in astrology should be natural, unheated and untreated. Heated and treated are the treatments used to make the gemstone more attractive. Heated and treated blue sapphires are not affected at all. For astrology stone should be natural.

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