Black Agate Stone/ Sulemani Hakik: Unlimited Benefits

Black Agate Stone/ Sulemani Hakik: Unlimited Benefits

Black Agate stone is one of the effective stones, having effective healing properties and also known as Sulemani Hakik. Agate is available in a very wide variety. Every variety of agate has different healing properties and is used for different purposes. The name of agate is derived from a river named achates which is in sicily. Black Agate stone is a grounding ward off the negative energy. This gemstone has the power to get rid of all the problems in life. For business, luck, happiness, positivity, strength, for achieving all the things sulemani hakik is used. There are many different ways to use hakik for different purposes. Black Agate stone is a multi-purpose stone.

Benefits of Black agate stone:

Removes negative energy: Black agate is an effective protective stone; it removes all the negative vibes and provides positive energy. Along with the negative energy it also protects from evil eyes.

Positive impact on health: The healing properties of black agate help to cure many health diseases related to bones, joint, shoulder, neck and helps to get rid of various body pain.

Reduce fear and increase strength: Sulemani Hakik helps to reduce all the fears, any type of fear gives the inner strength to its wearer. Boost confidence and inner strength.

More beneficial in pregnancy: Black Agate is considered more beneficial for pregnant women, it protects the pregnant woman and her baby from harmful negative energies.

Ward off the black magic: Many of the people face this problem that they are suffering from the black magic, eye of nazar dosh. In this case, black agate is considered effective to ward off this effect.

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Some major remedies of Black Agate Stone/ Sulemani Hakik:

It is believed that wearing a sulemani hakik can help to get rid of Rahu and ketu effectively, Sulemani hakik is a rahu ketu gemstone.

To remove the quarrel of home, bring down a Hakik from over the whole family then throw it out in the south direction, on Saturday. Doing this can fill your home with happiness.

For growth of business, keep two hakik stones in the office on Friday and then keep it in the vault on Wednesday. Doing this can increase your business within 2 days.

For a better financial condition, keep two hakik in the temple of your house.

It is good to wear by the person who is in stress or in depression.

How to Wear Black Agate Stone/ Sulemani Hakik:

Like other gemstones, sulemani hakik is not worn. Other gemstones are worn according to body weight. But for sulemani hakik it is not necessary to wear it according to the body weight. Anyone can wear it as they want. It is also not necessary to wear it on a ring or a pendant. It can be placed at home, working place, in office and also can carry along with you. Sulemani hakik is also used as a healing crystal and placed in homes for availing its grounding and protective effect. Many of the people also use it as a jewellery stone because of it black colour.

Can everyone wear Black Agate Stone?

Anyone can wear sulemani hakik as there is no side effect of hakik stone, it doesn’t cause any negative effect to the planet in horoscopes. It can be worn without any consultancy and recommendation. But this stone should be worn by the people having negative thoughts, suffering from any black magic, evil eye or any other negativity. For those people black agate stone a boon, they should wear, keep it together or place it home. There are many ways to use black agate stone.

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