Aquamarine Gemstone: Most Beautiful and March Birthstone

Aquamarine Gemstone: Most Beautiful and March Birthstone

Aquamarine gemstone is a semi-precious beautiful blue colored gemstone belonging to the beryl mineral family. It is the birthstone of March born people. The name of Aquamarine comes from the Latin word aqua and marine, aqua means water and marine means sea. 

This stone is beneficial in leadership quality, stone financial status, good health and mental stability. Hardness of aquamarine gemstone is 7 to 8 on mohs scale. It is available in from transparent to opaque appearance. Aquamarine is a highly preferable gemstone because it is very attractive and beautiful. Besides astrological benefits it is also worn as jewellery.

Benefits of Aquamarine Gemstone:

Improve leadership quality: Aquamarine gemstone is good for improving leadership quality of the wearer; it gives self-confidence and improves the decisions making power.

Strong financial status: It removes the unnecessary expenses and improves quality and creativity of the wearer, along with the wearer’s hard work it works earlier in making strong financial status.

Brings harmony in relationships: This gemstone is capable of bringing love and harmony in relationships and especially in married life. Wearing it can avoid fights and hate from couples.

Health benefits: Aquamarine is a healing stone, except other advantages it also gives health benefits to its wearer. Allergies, Infections, swollen, improving immunity aquamarine are considered good stones.

Gives mental stability: Aquamarine gemstone keeps mind calm and brings peace. It is good for those who are always confused and their minds are always unstable. It provides clarity in thoughts and gives mental stability.

Who can wear Aquamarine gemstone:

Blue colored Aquamarine gemstone is the birthstone for March born people; it can be worn by those people who have been born in March. Aquamarine is a gemstone of Saturn planet, it is mostly recommended to those people who have weak Saturn in their horoscope, it is worn to strengthen Saturn in horoscope. Sade Sati affected people, March born people, people having zodiac sign Libra should wear for more astrological benefits.

How to wear Aquamarine gemstone:

Weight: Gemstone is worn according to body weight. At least 1/10th of the body weight is worn. For e.g. a person with body weight 60 k.g. should wear a minimum 6 carat.

Metal: Silver metal is highly preferable for aquamarine. Except silver, aquamarine can also be worn in white gold or platinum.

Finger:  If you are wearing aquamarine in a ring, then the aquamarine ring is worn in the middle finger of hand.

Day and Time: As you read above aquamarine is the stone of Saturn and day of Saturn is Saturday. So, wear aquamarine on Saturday morning between 5 Am to 7 Am.

Chanting method: If you wear aquamarine then chant the mantra of Saturn 108 times that is ‘Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’, ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः ।

Aquamarine gemstone

Aquamarine gemstone Quality:

Origin: Aquamarine mines come from many countries, Brazil, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and many more. Brazil aquamarine is considered the best quality natural aquamarine. After Brazil, Aquamarine of Sri Lanka is recommended mostly.

Colour: Ferrous iron gives a brilliant blue colour to aquamarine. It is found in blue to deep blue colour. Natural, Pure, bright and deep blue colored aquamarine is highly preferable and also valuable. Yellow, brown and green tint in aquamarine are not valuable.

Clarity: there are many aquamarines, some are clear and some have inclusions. Clear aquamarines are very rarely found and also high in rate. Some of the normal inclusions are also good and not so expensive. But aquamarines with more inclusion are not valuable and available in row range.

Cut: Aquamarine is available in many cuts. Round, pear, marquise, and many other shapes. Every aquamarine is different in shape, different in weight and different in price.

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