White Sapphire Gemstone: Benefits and Other Details

White Sapphire Gemstone: Benefits and Other Details

White sapphire, a colourless and transparent stone belongs to the sapphire family. In Hindi it is known as Safed Pukhraj and in Sanskrit it is known as Shveet Pukhraj. White sapphire is a substitute for diamond. Sapphire is a natural gemstone containing natural inclusions.

The planet which is ruled by white sapphire is Venus. Venus planet is responsible for good wealth, beauty, happy married life, and boost in creativity and confidence. White sapphire is a substitute of diamond and contains all the properties of diamond. From ruling planets to astrological benefits all the properties are similar. Hardness of safed pukhraj is 9 on mohs scale.

Benefits of White Sapphire:

Beneficial for Married people: Safed pukhraj is an astrological gemstone good for the people facing problems in their married life, wearing a white gemstone can improve their relationship, brings harmony and love between them.

Improve creativity, courage and confidence: White sapphire stone is good for boosting creativity and imagination of its wearer. Sapphire is the gemstone of planet Venus, which is responsible for creativity, courage and confidence.

Increase financial status: Venus planet is effective for attracting luxury and money. Wearing a safed pukhraj stone is good for increasing financial status, fulfils all the wishes and attracts luxury. Beneficial for living a luxurious life.

Gives peace and stability: Safed pukhraj is colorless transparent stone which gives a relief to mind. It provides calmness and peace to mind. Makes the mind stable and calm.

white sapphire

Instructions to wear White Sapphire:

Metal: For white sapphire stone, white metal is considered to be best, Silver is good and more preferable. Gold, Panchdhatu, other Alloy or any other metal are avoided for wearing sapphire. If it is worn for astrological benefits then silver is good.

Finger: Much jewellery is made up of white sapphire, some people wear it on a pendant and some people wear it on a ring. If it is wearing a ring then the suitable finger is the middle finger. Wearing it in the middle can be more beneficial and give an earlier effect.

Day & Time: For effective results, the best day to wear white sapphire jewellery for astrological benefits is Friday. You can wear it in the early morning 5 AM to 6 AM or the first hour after sunrise.

Chanting mantra: Chanting mantra is important while energising gemstone. Because it gives power to the gemstone of its ruling lord and planet. So the chanting mantra for use for white sapphire is “Aum Shum Shukraya Namaha”

How to energize: Safed pukhraj is wearing for astrological purposes. Then you must take care that you energise it before wearing it. So that you can avail its benefits as soon as possible. For energising you just need raw cow milk you can also use gangajal and tulsi leaves. Keep this in a bowl then place your ring or any other jewellery and chant the mantra 108 times. Now you can wear it and avail its benefits.

Quality of white sapphire:

Origin: Origin of a gemstone is very important for knowing the quality of a gemstone. White sapphires have many different origins i.e. Sri Lanka, Burma, Australia, Thailand, Tanzania and Cambodia. From all origins Ceylon sapphire is considered to be the best quality. Burmese and Thailand sapphires are medium in quality and less in price.

Clarity: From all origins most of the sapphire are faded, and brownish in colour. Colourless and transparent sapphires are not easily available, they are very rarely found. Highly transparent sapphires are found only in Ceylon. Translucent white sapphires, very common, are of medium quality.

Colour: Natural gemstones have natural inclusions. It is very common to have natural inclusions on natural gemstones. White sapphire is also a natural gemstone so it also contains common inclusions.

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