What is Ratti: Importance of Ratti in Gemstone

What is Ratti: Importance of Ratti in Gemstone

Ratti is a measurement used in India by jewellers. The word Ratti is derived from Sanskrit work Raktika means weights of mass. In India, This is a measurement used for measuring gemstone. 1 ratti is equal to 180 milligram. Ratti grows on a plant and the plant on which it grows is also called Gunja, the legume grows on the Gunja plant, and the seeds inside those beans are called Ratti, whatever the shape of the pod may be but the size of the seed always remains the same.

The size and weight of all the seeds are the same; there is no difference between them. Due to the lack of tools in the earlier times, people used to measure precious metals like gold and silver by Ratti. The weight of a Ratti is 121.49, 8 Ratti is 1 Masha, 12 Masha is 1 Tola, 1 Tola is about 10 grams, on the basis of which gold is measured.

Sava, Sade and Pauna Meaning in Ratti:

Sava: Sava or a quarter is a 1/4th part. The amount between 00 to 0.35 is called sava ratti. All the weight which comes between 00 to 0.35 will count in sava. For example, a gemstone having weight 4.01, 4.15, 4.23, 4.34 is called sava chaar ratti.

Saadhe: Saadhe or half is called 1/2nd part. All the weight which comes between 0.36 to 0.75 is called saadhe. For example, a gemstone having weight of 3.36, 3.56, 3.67 and 3.74 is called saadhe tin ratti.

Pauna: Pauna or third quarter, 1/3rd part. The other remaining weight which means all weights between 0.76 to 0.99 is called pauna. For example, a gemstone weight of 5.77, 5.87, 5.99 is called paune panch ratti.

Difference between Carat and Ratti:

Carat and Ratti both are terms are used to measure gemstone. 1 Carat is equal to 200 milligram. 1 carat is equal to 1.11 Ratti and 1 ratti is equal to 0.90 carat. When carat and ratti both are measure in grams then 1 carat is 0.2g and 200 milligram, 1 Ratti is 0.113339 grams and 182 milligrams.

How much weight of a gemstone is worn:

Before wearing a gemstone many things are cleared and checked. Some of the major things which are checked before wearing a gemstone are body weight, quality of gemstone and gemstone weight. Firstly, Body weight is checked for wearing Gemstone, at least 1/10th of body weight is worn.

In astrology, gemstones are worn for availing its benefits and use as a protection of negative effects of wrongly placed or weak planets. Now you have to wear Gemstones for profit, then you will get the benefit only when the correct weight of Gemstones is worn, check below, how much weight of which Gemstone is right to wear.


Blue Sapphire (Neelam): Blue sapphire gemstone is considered to be the most effective gemstone, for the best effects it is very important to wear the enough weight, so the minimum should be worn at least 4 to 5 and if it is worn more than this, then more and more benefits are available.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj): Yellow sapphire is gemstone of intelligence power for increasing the intelligence power minimum weight of pukhraj should be worn at least 3 to 4 but never wear topaz of 6, 11, and 15 or else there may be harm instead of benefit, which means it leads to weak memory and intelligence power.

Ruby (Manik): Ruby is a gemstone of planet sun and strengthens the sun in horoscope. A ruby gemstone should be worn more than 4 and the more the weight of Ruby increases; more will be its benefits. 4 is just a weight but a good benefit will be available only if a good quantity of ruby is worn.

Emerald (Panna): Emerald should be worn for more than 3, it will be beneficial in 3, 3-6 will be of little more benefit and wearing more than 6 will be best and will get more and quicker benefits.

Coral (Moonga): Coral gemstones ruled by mars planet are used for manglik dosha, for protection of manglik dosha it should be worn of at least 6. Wearing less than this gives less benefit, so it would be better to wear more than 6.

Pearl (Moti): The minimum weight of pearls is different for men and women such as, if a man wears it then at least 7.25 should be worn and if a woman wears it then at least 4.25 should be worn.

Hessonite Garnet (Gomed): Hessonite garnet is known to be worn for positive effects of rahu planet, Rahu is such a plane that gives many bad negative effects, then at least 4 or 6 is worn to avoid its bad effect. Wearing a hessonite garnet of 4, 6 or 11 is good but should never be worn with 7, 10, 16.

Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya): Cat’s eye gemstone is worn for wrongly placed and weak ketu planets in horoscopes. For getting its more benefits it can be worn for 4 or 7 but should never wear 13 or else it may face loss or negative effects of ketu.

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