Two mukhi rudraksha and its Power

Two mukhi rudraksha and its Power

Two mukhi rudraksha have two faces. As we all know, wearing and worshiping rudraksha is very beneficial for everyone. Rudraksha is a highly energized bead which can change your life. Wearing rudraksha can clear your sins and leads to a good health and mental condition. Rudraksha is a sign of Lord Shiva. And, Two Mukhi rudraksha indicates Ardhanarishwar which is a combination of Lord Shiva and parvati.

These two mukhi rudraksha are very beneficial for married couples. Wearing it can make your married life happy and good. The person who wears Two face rudraksha wearer’s life is blessed by Lord Shiva and Parvati. There is so much power in this Rudraksha that it clears off even the worst of sins.

Importance of Two Mukhi rudraksha:

  • Bring Love in Married Life: This Rudraksha ends the fight between the couples. Saves relationships by having arguments and misunderstanding. And, Make relationships good and bring love between husband and wife.

  • Gives mental stagnation: People who have mental issues or are highly disturb should wear it and worship it. These two face rudraksha help you to get mental stagnation and go on with life peacefully.

  • Bring unity in Family: This two mukhi rudraksha is beneficial for those couples who are thinking of divorce. Not only for married couples this rudraksha brought unity to all types of relationship and also in family.

  • Indicates combination of Lord Shiva and Parvati: This rudraksha is a form of Ardhanarishwar which shows the combination of Lord Shiva and parvati.

  • Work as shield for you: Rudraksha protects your body as well as your soul from all types of problems, sins, health issues and negative energy. Wearing rudraksha can change your life.

Benefits of Wearing Two Mukhi rudraksha:

  • It cures all types of health disease: Every Rudraksha has a power of curing health disease. This rudraksha is beneficial for those who have bladder disease, Lung and Liver disease and make you healthy and fit.

  • Clear off sins: This rudraksha is very powerful to clear off your sins. It can clear off the worst sins. Even it can clean sins like cow slaughter. Knowingly or unintentionally it will free you from sins.

  • Gives Mental Peace: Nowadays everyone is mentally disturbed. Everyone has tension and anxiety and worshiping this two face rudraksha can help you to give mental peace and make your life anxiety free.

  • Make married life good: Two face rudraksha brings harmony in married life. Wearing this rudraksha can bring love between you and your partner. Wearing it does not cause fights in the house. And,maintain the unity and love between family members.

  • Wearing it is more Beneficial for Single people:  This Rudraksha is very good for those who are facing problems getting married.  Wearing it or worshiping it will help you to find their partner and get married earlier.

  • Attract positive energy: You should wear this if you have negativity around you. Rudraksha beads and garlands are highly energized with positive energy which protects you.

Which planet rules two Mukhi rudraksha:

Moon is the ruling planet of the two mukhi rudraksha. And, Moon gives happiness, good health to the wearer.

Who can wear Two Mukhi rudraksha?

People with other castes, religions, and culture can wear them. There is no restriction of wearing two face rudraksha beads. Anyone can wear two mukhi rudraksha and avail its service. People facing failure, health issues, cheating in relationships, couples not having babies, and People who are fighting everyday in their house should wear these two face rudraksha.

Who can wear and worship two mukhi rudraksha according to their zodiac sign?

Cancer (kark Rashi) is the zodiac sign of two mukhi rudraksha

Perfect time to wear two Mukhi rudraksha:

The perfect day to wear two mukhi rudraksha is Monday but you can also wear it on other days which are Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In the morning, take a bath, wear a clean dress and go to the temple. In front of the shivling place it at a clean place then wash your bead with raw cow’s milk and after that throw some gangajal on it. After touching it, wear it in the red silk thread. And after that when you do this process, you chat with two mukhi rudraksha beads or garland with the mantra “Om Ardhanarishwar Devai Namah”.

Rules for wearer Two Mukhi rudraksha:

  • Eating non-veg is restricted for wearer of rudraksha

  • Drinking alcohol is also not allowed for wearer

  • Remove your rudraksha bead or garland at sleeping time

  • Worship you rudraksha bead before wearing it in the morning

  • Always keep your rudraksha bead neat and clean

  • Don’t share your bead or garland with anyone

Types of Two mukhi rudraksha:  

This two mukhi rudraksha bead also have four types and every rudraksha have different power and worship for different purpose:

  • Red color two mukhi rudraksha: Red two mukhi rudraksha clear off sins you did before in your past and make your life easier and good. This rudraksha is good for Kashatriya people.

  • White color two mukhi/face rudraksha: White colored two mukhi rudraksha protects from happening premature death and accidents and worship for long life. It is best for Brahmin people.

  • Yellow color two face rudraksha: Yellow rudraksha worship for health problems and fulfilling all their dreams. This rudraksha bead is best for shudra people.

  • Black color two face rudraksha: Black two face rudraksha is worship for wealth conditions. This black color rudraksha bead is good for Vaishya people.

Mantra for worshiping Two faces rudraksha:

Two Mukhi rudraksha

Mantra for chanting do mukhi rudraksha beads or garland.

अर्धनारेश्वर देवाय नमः

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