Tiger’s Eye: The amazing healing properties of tiger eye

Tiger’s Eye: The amazing healing properties of tiger eye

Tiger’s Eye or Tiger Eye is a gemstone of chatoyant; it is a rock with silky luster and having an opaque appearance. It is yellowish- brown in color. From an ancient time, it is known for its effective healing properties. It is also believed that it is a substitute of precious Ruby gemstone. Tiger’s eye is an effective rock to get many benefits and its vibes can help you to boost self confidence, improve concentration, cure many health diseases, and release a positive vibe. Tiger eye is a gemstone of planet sun; it is suitable for the people having zodiac sign Leo. Tiger’s eye is yang in nature, it also protects the wearer.

Benefits of Wearing a Tiger’s Eye Gemstone:

Activates the chakra: A person has 7 chakra in their bodies. Weak chakra can impact badly on their health and their life. Tiger’s Eye is connected with the root chakra and solar plexus chakra, so it is responsible for activating and maintaining it.

Good for the Brain: Tiger eye is good and effective for brains. Tiger’s eyes gemstone helps to improve concentration and focus. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Brings confidence: This stone is associated with the planet sun, so, another benefit of wearing a tiger’s eye stone also helps to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Beneficial for Health: All the crystal gemstones have metaphysical properties, which help to get rid of health issues, so, the metaphysical properties of the tiger’s eye help to cure skin, bones and tissue diseases.

Tiger's eye

Who can wear and who can’t wear Tiger’s Eye:

Tiger’s eye crystal is a good and useful gemstone that gives benefits. It doesn’t affect negatively but anyone can avail its benefits. It is connected with the planet sun. There are some planets which are enemies of the sun : Saturn, Venus, Mars and Mercury. This gemstone should be avoided by the people having zodiac signs Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, Taurus and Virgo.

How to use Tiger’s Eye:

There are many forms of tiger eye stone, it can be placed at home, keep it together with you and also can be worn in jewellery. For its positive vibes it can be kept at the office, work place, and study table or at home. All the forms of the tiger’s eye are available like tumble, angel, ball, pyramids and cluster and many more. If it is worn then it can be worn in mala, bracelet, tumble and ring. All the forms have the same benefits.

Origins of Tiger’s Eye:

Tiger’s eye is a type of rock made up from silicon dioxide; it can be yellow, brown, red or blue. That’s all depending on its origin. It is mainly founded in East Asia and South Africa. Other origins from where tiger eye comes from are India, Burma, Korea and Brazil. While wearing a tiger eye it is not necessary to check its origin. The only important thing while wearing a tiger eye is to always wear the natural crystal.

How to cleanse your tiger’s eye crystal:

You can easily cleanse it by keeping it inside the water overnight. Regular cleansing can help to keep your crystal clean, steam cleaner or ultrasonic can be used to clean it. It should be avoided from chemical wash, hairspray, and perfume and from other acids. You can also keep it in the water overnight, then take it out, wash it from fresh water and then keep it in the sunlight for 2-3 hours. Another way of cleansing it that holds it under the running water for a few minutes. Cleansing process can be done minimum one in weak and maximum after 15 days. 

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