Three Mukhi rudraksha: Blessings of three Lords

Three Mukhi rudraksha: Blessings of three Lords

Three mukhi rudraksha is the rudraksha with tree faces. Every rudraksha has different value and quality and every rudraksha is worshipped for different purposes as per their needs. It is said that three mukhi rudraksha indicates fire and it shows three lords that are Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. And this rudraksha bead has the power of three lords.

Fire element predominates in three Mukhi Rudraksha, the fire element which is the main element among all the five elements. This three mukhi rudraksha is effective in curing digestive system and blood issues. This Three Mukhi Rudraksha calms your mind by eliminating all your old and bad memories and bad habits. Wear and worship rudraksha beads if you have any type of anxiety or you are a patient of anemia.

Importance of three mukhi rudraksha:

  • Wearing and worshiping rudraksha can clear your sins: The biggest and the best thing about this three face rudraksha is it clear off sins, all types of sins even it can clear murder sins. Clearing off your sins makes life easier and removes hurdles.

  • Effective for health problems: This three face rudraksha is effective for health problems. These three face rudraksha cures anemia, digestive problems, and other health issues related to health.  

  • Get rid of Manglik dosh: Mars is the ruling planet of three mukhi rudraksha so it helps you to get rid from manglik dosha and make your life hurdle free. It is effective for those people who were born on Tuesday and have manglik dosh. Those people should wear this.

  • Remove failure problems: The person who wears three face rudraksha can’t be a normal person after wearing it. The wearer of this rudraksha gets the power of three devtas and helps to achieve success in all works.

Benefits of wearing and worshiping three face rudraksha:

  • Get rid from memories: The fire shows that burn all your bad memories and sins in it and start a life with good memories. As we know this rudraksha clears off all your sins and it also clears bad memories from your mind because of which you are feeling guilty.

  • Give peace of mind: This Mukhi gives you peace of mind by liberating you from everything. Wear it or worship it to make yourself stress free. 

  • Cures digestive system: Due to the presence of fire element in three Mukhi Rudraksha, it also removes stomach diseases, if the fire of the stomach is slow, if the food is not digested on time, wearing three Rudraksha gives wonderful benefits.

  • Effective for anemia patients:  This rudraksha has the power of curing blood problems. And it is also an effective rudraksha for blood circulation problems. It makes your blood circulation better than before.

  • Clear worst sins: Worship three mukhi rudraksha for clearing the worst sins. Rudraksh washes away your worst sins, works out the troubles in your life and gives you a comfortable life.

Ruling planet of teen mukhi rudraksha:

Ruling planet of three mukhi rudraksha is mars.

Who should wear it?

Anyone can wear it and avail its benefits. There is no restriction of age, caste, religion and culture. People who did some sins in the past and the people who are mentally disturbed should definitely wear this and worship it.  Wearing it can be more beneficial for those who have any type of malefic effect of mars.

Who can wear three mukhi rudraksha according to the zodiac sign?

People those who have Aries and Scorpio zodiac sign can wear three mukhi rudraksha

How to wear three mukhi rudraksha:

The best day to wear three face rudraksha is Sunday. Wake up early in the morning, take a bath and then wear clean clothes then go to the temple energized and then sit in the east direction and chant your rudraksha garland with the mantra “om kleem namah”.

Rules of wearing teen mukhi rudraksha:

  • Eating non-veg is totally restricted for the rudraksha wearer.

  • All type of intoxication is prohibited

  • Drinking alcohol is not allowed for wearer

  • Don’t wear rudraksha at funeral activities

  • Wash it whenever it is needed

  • Don’t share your bead with anyone

  • Worship your bead daily

  • Always keep clean your rudraksha bead

  • Avoid chemical wash to your rudraksha bead  

Types of three mukhi rudraksha bead:

  • White color three mukhi rudraksha:  White color mukhi rudraksha is wearing and worship for getting mental stability and peace.

  • Red color three face rudraksha: Red color three mukhi rudraksha is wear and worship for clearing sins you did in your past.

  • Yellow color teen mukhi rudraksha: Yellow color teen mukhi rudraksha is worn to get rid of hurdles in life and make your life easier.

  • Black color teen mukhi rudraksha: Black color three mukhi rudraksha is worn and worshipped to develop positivity and for achieving success. 

Mantras for worshiping three face rudraksha bead or garland:

Three Mukhi Rudraksha

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