The beauty of Australian Sapphire
the beauty of australian sapphire

The beauty of Australian Sapphire

Best explaination about beauty of Australian Sapphire.

Round the Earth, sapphire ( Australian Sapphire) has enjoyed a storied position among the most coveted diamonds for centuries.  The early rulers of Greece and Rome adorned themselves in sapphire jewellery and, being the September birthstone, they’ve enjoyed continuing popularity with contemporary customers. 

The latter’s orangey-pink Padparadscha stone have been admired by collectors.  Madagascar has also become a significant source of sapphire because deposits were found there in the late 1990s.Yet among the climbing trends in the industry is for the jewels in our own backyard: Australian sapphire.  

Sapphire (Australian Sapphire) was mined here for at least a century and the nation was the world’s top manufacturer by volume from 1965 to 1985.Important deposits are focused across the east coast, especially in northern NSW and Queensland where colors vary from deep midnight blue to green, teal, parti- color and yellowish, with rare cases of orange, purple, cherry and colour-change.Prior to the year 2000, a lot of the Australian distribution was sold to overseas buyers who then promoted it as being of Thai, Burmese as well as Sri Lankan origin.  Nowadays, consumer comprehension of this high quality neighborhood substance has increased exponentially.”

Sapphire has always been a favorite gemstone within the jewelry sector because of its durability and intriguing collection of colors however, for the last year, we’ve certainly noticed a rise in requests for Australian sapphire,” Amelia Chafer, advertising director Coolamon Sapphires, states.Katherine Kovacs, manager of K&K Export Import, agrees, stating,

“There’s been an increased demand during the previous 12 weeks for glowing, well-cut Australian sapphire in blue and teal — and we are anticipating additional growth.”The vast array of colors, coupled with renewable sourcing and aggressive pricing, which makes Australian sapphire a persuasive class for jewellers — particularly those seeking to appeal to Millennial and Gen Z customers.

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