Substitutes of 9 precious gemstones: Are They Effective ?

Substitutes of 9 precious gemstones: Are They Effective ?

There are many stones in the world, some are precious and some are semi precious. 9 precious gemstones are most valuable, effective and beautiful. They work very early and they are very valuable stones. Some of the precious gemstones are very expensive and can’t be bought by anyone. At that time a substitute can be used and avails all the benefits of precious gemstones. Substitutes are semi-precious gemstones and affect similarly as precious gemstone.

List of Substitute of Nine Precious Gemstone:

  • Diamond: Opal and Zircon
  • Blue Sapphire: Amethyst and Blue Topaz
  • Yellow Sapphire: Citrine and Yellow Topaz
  • Ruby: Red Garnet and Red Spinel
  • Emerald: Peridot and Green Tourmaline
  • Coral: Carnelian and Red Agate
  • Pearl: Moonstone
  • Hessonite: Spessartite


precious gemstone

Diamond is the most beautiful and rarest gemstone. Its hardness is 10 on Mohs scale. It is also known as heera in Hindi. Diamond is worn for weak and wrongly placed Venus in horoscopes. Wearing diamonds can help to achieve goals, fulfil all the desires, getting luxurious life and a better health.

Substitute of Diamond:

Opal: Opal is a semi-precious white colored gemstone containing a fire of colours. Opal can be a good option for similar benefits of diamond. Opal is available in many different colours but in astrology opal with fire is more preferable.

Zircon: Natural Zircon is a similar stone like diamond and wears for the benefits of diamond gemstone. It is a good substitute for diamonds. It looks similar to a diamond. But it fades a little and sparks less.

Blue Sapphire:

substitute of blue sapphire

Blue sapphire is a beautiful and most effective gemstone. It is blue in colour and also known as neelam in Hindi. Hardness of blue sapphire is 9.5 on Mohs scale and wear for the benefits of attracting good luck, having good health, protection from negative energy and a strong mind. Ruling planet of blue sapphire is Saturn. It is worn by the people whose Saturn is weak or wrongly placed in horoscopes.

Substitute of Blue Sapphire:

Amethyst: Amethyst is a semi precious crystal of purple colored which is also known as katela and jamunia in Hindi. It is also a birthstone of February month. Amethyst is the best substitute of blue sapphire. Wearing it can be similarly beneficial as blue sapphire. It attracts good fortune, makes the wearer mentally and financially strong.

Blue Topaz: Blue topaz is a blue colored semi-precious gemstone that looks similar to blue sapphire; it is associated with the planet Saturn. Wearing it instead of blue sapphire can be similarly effective as blue sapphire; it strengthens the Saturn planet in horoscope. It also attracts good luck, gives power and removes stress.

Yellow Sapphire:

substitute of yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphire is the precious yellow colored gemstone also known as pukhraj in Hindi. It is also known as the stone of guru planet as it is ruled by the planet Jupiter. The benefits of wearing yellow sapphire is that it improves the intelligence, skills, and creativity of the wearer. It is also effective in removing delay in marriage, improving relationships and promoting good health.

Substitute of yellow sapphire:

Citrine: Citrine is a beautiful yellow colored crystal which is also known as sunela in Hindi. It is considered the perfect substitute of yellow sapphire. It is also ruled by planet Jupiter, so it gives the similar effects as pukhraj. Wearing citrine gemstone is also effective for attracting money.

Yellow Topaz: Yellow topaz looks similar to yellow sapphire, and is used as a substitute of yellow sapphire. It strengthens Jupiter in horoscope, promotes good health, and enhances the skills, creativity, and learning power of the wearer. It looks like pukhraj but it is darker in colour as compared to pukhraj.


substitute of ruby

Ruby is the most expensive and attractive precious gemstone which is also known as manik in Hindi. Ruby is ruled by the sun and that’s why it is also called the kings of gems. Sun is the leader of all planets, because of it ruby improves the leadership quality. Other Benefits of ruby gemstone is that it improves parental relationship between father and son; it attracts fame and prosperity, and enhances good health.

Substitute of Ruby (Manik):

Red Garnet: Red garnet is the perfect substitute of ruby gemstone; it is used for improving leadership quality, attracting fame and prosperity, for a better relationship between father and son. It gives all the similar benefits like ruby gemstone.

Spinel: Spinel is a type of semi precious gemstone and also a substitute of ruby gemstone. Spinel comes in different colours but red spinel is used at the place jikof ruby gemstone. It has many benefits but is mostly used for health issues, attracting money and other benefits of ruby (Manik) gemstones.


substitute of emerald

Emerald is a green colored precious gemstone also known as Panna. It is the gemstone of the mercury planet. Mercury is the planet of communication (Vaani). Its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale. Emerald enhances good communication, wisdom, creativity and financial strength. Emerald is good for professional life; it brings growth in career and business.

Substitute of Emerald:

Peridot: Peridot is also green in colour and it is a semi precious gemstone considered the perfect substitute of panna and contains all the benefits of emerald. It looks and works similar to emerald; as it is good for improving financial status, oratory skills and professional life.

Green tourmaline: Green tourmaline is the semi-precious gemstone, According to astrology it is worn for availing all the benefits of emerald (panna). It can be used instead of panna, wearing it can improve your communication skills, promotes good health and financial gain.


substitute of coral

Coral is a precious gemstone worn for mars planet also known as moonga in Hindi. It is mainly worn for weak or wrongly placed mars in horoscopes. It improves the blood flow of the wearer, removes delay in marriage issues and improves management qualities. Coral is available in different colours of red, white and orange, its different shapes are also available but usually triangle and cylindrical is preferred.

Substitute of Coral:

Carnelian: Carnelian is an orange colored semi precious crystal used for the benefits of attracting positivity, promoting love, courage, creativity and good health. It is the perfect substitute for coral gemstone. It is also ruled by the planet Mars and wearing can be effective for wrongly placed or weak mars in horoscopes.

Red Agate: Red agate is mainly used as a substitute of coral gemstone. Its ruling planet is also mars. It strengthens Mars in horoscope and makes the wearer calm, creative, happy and protects from many health diseases.


substitute of pearl

Pearl is a very adorable gemstone that represents the moon in horoscopes. It is formed by the living organism mollusk and also known as Moti. Pearl gemstone is associated with emotional feelings, sensitivity, calmness, and mind stability. Wearing it can help the wearer to reduce anger, control their emotional feelings and is good for reducing blood related disease or disorder.

Substitute of Pearl:

Moonstone: Moonstone is a semi precious gemstone known for its blue and white combination. And the only substitute of pearl gemstone. Moonstone has the same benefits as pearl and its ruling planet is also moon, it strengthens it in horoscope and gives all the benefits like controlling emotional feeling, reducing anger, promotes good health and many more.

Hessonite Garnet:

substitute of hessonite

Hessonite garnet is a precious gemstone having brownish colour also known as gomed in Hindi. It is used for weak or wrongly placed rahu in horoscopes. Wearing it Can improve financial growth, boost confidence, bring positive energy, bring clarity in thoughts and be good for health issues related to cancer, leprosy, fatigue, blood pressure and many more.

Substitute of Hessonite garnet:

Spessartite: Spessartite is a semi precious gemstone used as a substitute of hessonite garnet; it also looks similar to gomed. The benefits of using spessartite is that it strengthens rahu in horoscope and is effective as hessonite garnet like improving financial status, attracting positivity and bringing clarity.

Cat’s Eye:

substitute of cat's eye

Cat’s eye is a precious and effective gemstone used for ketu. It is suggested to those people whose ketu is wrongly placed or weak in horoscopes. Wearing a cat’s eye gemstone is beneficial for protection. Activates and maintains sacral and root chakra. It is aware of the wearer for spiritual activities. Other health benefits of the cat’s eye are that it protects the wearer against mental stress, anxiety and depression.

Substitute of Cat’s Eye:

Gondant: Gondant is the only substitute for a cat’s eye. It can be used instead of a cat’s eye. The same benefits it gives and are as effective as a cat’s eye. Its ruling planet is also ketu. Wearing it strengthens ketu in horoscopes. It will also protect against mental issues, and activate spiritual activities. 

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