All About September Birthstone: Sapphire Gemstone

All About September Birthstone: Sapphire Gemstone

September born people are very kind hearted and passionate. To achieve their goal they need to work very hard. For September born people, sapphire gemstone is their birthstone. Sapphire is the most effective and dangerous gemstone. Sapphires have different varieties of blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, white sapphire, pink sapphire and many more. Sapphire belongs to the corundum mineral family, which is also known as the second hardest mineral. The name derived from the Latin word “sapphirus” and Greek work “sappheiros” meaning blue stone. Sometimes it is also said that its name is derived from Sanskrit word “sanipriya” which means dear to Saturn.

Facts of Sapphire Gemstone:

In the 15th century, it was said that if you hold a sapphire near a spider then it will kill it.

In the 17th century, it was believed that holding a sapphire in hand or wearing a sapphire helped you to predict your future.

 It is also said that a snake will die if it is placed in a sapphire vessel, no matter how venomous it is.

If a person dreams that they have worn a sapphire it means they are less impulsive.

In ancient times, sapphire was used to reduce anxiety and pain.

Types of Sapphire:

Blue Sapphire Gemstone:

Sapphire gemstone

Blue variety of sapphire is known as blue sapphire or neelam. Blue sapphire is considered to be a strong gemstone, as it affects very soon and gives life changing benefits. Blue Sapphire is basically a stone which attracts good luck, more wealth and gives a healthy life. Hardness of Blue sapphire is 9.5, known as the second hardest stone. Read More about blue sapphire…

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

sapphire gemstone

Yellow colored stone from the sapphire family is known as yellow sapphire or pukhraj. Yellow Sapphire gemstone is responsible for the intelligence power of the person and represents the husband in a woman’s horoscope. Pukhraj ratna is ruled by planet Jupiter, wearing it can help to improve skills, learn things easily, and to be more intelligent. Read More about yellow sapphire…

Pink Sapphire Gemstone:

Sapphire gemstone

A stone having pink colour and belongs to sapphire from corundum mineral family. Wearing a pink sapphire helps to attract success easily, increase financial and social status, and gives health benefits. Wearing it strengthens the relationship between father and son. Its ruling planet is the sun, protected from all types of negative effects of wrongly placed or weak sun. Read More about pink sapphire…

White Sapphire Gemstone:

Sapphire gemstone

White sapphire is colourless transparent gemstone considered to be the substitute of diamond gemstone it is also known as safed pukhraj. White sapphire is ruled by the planet Jupiter and responsible for luxurious life, money, wealth and marriage. Wearing it helps you to attract success, good wealth and health, and removes delay in marriage. Read More about blue sapphire…

Purple Sapphire Gemstone:

sapphire gemstone

Purple sapphire is known as Violet sapphire, plum sapphire or lavender sapphire. For astrological benefits purple sapphire is considered to be a powerful form of blue sapphire. It is mostly known as khooni neelam. This variety of sapphire is good for health benefits. Good for professional life, attracting success soon. Gives peace and makes the mind calm.

Orange Sapphire Gemstone

sapphire gemstone

Orange Sapphire is an orange and rare gemstone from the sapphire family. Orange sapphire gemstone is very rare and expensive. Its orange luster makes it so attractive. Benefits of wearing orange sapphire is that it cures blood disorders, strengthens glands and veins. Wearing it helps to improve social status and relationships. It makes its wearer happy and brings joy.

Green Sapphire Gemstone:

sapphire gemstone

Green sapphire is one of the rarest gemstones that makes the jewellery more beautiful. Ruled by planet mercury, wearing it improves intellectual powers, makes communication skills better, keeps stress, anxiety and fear away. It also helps to remove negative thoughts. Green sapphire is responsible for activating and maintaining heart chakra.

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