Sapphire Family: Check Which sapphire is Suitable

Sapphire Family: Check Which sapphire is Suitable

Sapphires is a variety of gemstone from the corundum mineral family. The word sapphire is derived from the Latin word saphirus which means blue. It is mostly blue but comes in many different colours like yellow, white, pink and many more. You will find many varieties in sapphire and every gemstone is worn for different purposes. The hardness of sapphires is 9 on the Mohs scale. 

It comes from many countries but Ceylon sapphires are the best, they give the best quality for astrology.  These Sapphires are the birthstone for September birth month. Sapphire have many different gemstones and every gemstone is ruled by a different planet. Every person who wears sapphire they wear according to their horoscope or their needs. Every sapphire gives different benefits to the wearer.

Blue Sapphires (Neelam):

Blue sapphire

Blue sapphire is the precious gemstone which is also known as neelam in Hindi. It is a very beautiful and effective gemstone which is worn for good luck. Blue sapphires has a lot of benefits as it brings good luck, Helps to attain success instantly, and for better health.

Blue sapphire is ruled by planet Saturn. It makes the Saturn strong in horoscopes. It is highly recommended to those people who have shani dosha or suffering from sade sati period. It protects and helps in sade sati effects. Blue sapphire is always worn in silver jewellery and gold is usually avoided. It is translucent and light blue colored gemstone and available in different shades of blue colours.

Yellow Sapphires (Pukhraj):

yellow sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is also a precious gemstone also known as pukhraj or guru ratna in Hindi. It is yellow in colours but available in different shades. Yellow sapphire is mainly worn for career and success. Yellow sapphire improves the learning skills, creativity of the wearer and helps to attain success. Good for students and those people who are looking for a better career. 

This gemstone is controlled by planet Jupiter. It helps for wrongly placed or weak Jupiter in horoscopes. It is also better for women who are facing problems in their marriage. It removes all the hurdles that come in marriage and helps to find a better life partner. In astrology, it is worn on Thursday morning after energising it.

White Sapphires (Safed Pukhraj):

white sapphire

It is the precious gemstone also known as safed pukhraj in hindi. In astrology, it’s a substitute for diamonds. It is transparent and a colourless gemstone. It is ruled by planet venus. The benefits of wearing white sapphire are it helps to improve financial and social status, wear for a better health and it gives all the qualities of venus planet to the wearer. For wearing white sapphires jewelries white metals are more recommended like platinum or silver. Ring of white sapphires is worn in the ring finger and it is worn on Friday morning at the waxing moon.

Pink Sapphires (Gulabi Pukhraj):

Pink Sapphire

It’s a light pink or deep violet colored gemstone that has all the similar effects of ruby. The planet of pink sapphire is the sun. It provides all the qualities of sun to the wearer. Due to its colour and transparency it is mostly worn in jewellery. Pink sapphire helps to promote better health and it is more beneficial for heart patients. It provides mind stability and is good for career or business purposes. 

The other benefits of wearing pink sapphires as it improve financial and social status. It is highly recommended to business and students. It is beneficial for professionals, working people. According to Indian astrology, the suitable zodiac sign is leo and according to western astrology, suitable ascendants are Libra. 

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