Return Policy or exchange policy

We always provide the best product to our important and valuable customers. We do not let our customers face any kind of problem. We always give good products to the customer, but if there is any kind of problem then you can return it to us easily. We provide an easy return policy to our valuable customers. You can easily return our product within 3-7 days. We will not accept our product after 7 days of delivery. And,

If anyone has any problem or our product is defective then you can contact us within 3 Days of delivery. If it is possible to replace it we will definitely do so. For exchange or return you can connect us on our official Gmail that is or directly call us on 9811352177.

If you want to return then contact us between Tuesday to Sunday from 12PM to 5AM. If Cash on delivery then there can be return If there is online payment then nothing can happen. Then only you can exchange it within 3 Days of delivery. We always check our product before delivery. After using it or after delivery if our product gets broken then we will not be responsible for it. We also provide invoices and certificates. And, we will not replace it without a certificate and invoice. We also do not accept used products. We will replace only if the product is not used or if a broken product has come out from the packet itself.

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