Peridot Gemstone: Mystery of August Birthstone

Peridot Gemstone: Mystery of August Birthstone

People who were born in august are very creative, strong, brave and loyal people. The Zodiac sign of August is Leo. August born people have weak immunity, they feel mostly unhealthy. For them a gemstone is best which can keep them healthy and fit. Peridot gemstone is good for august month because they mostly have health related metaphysical properties.

Peridot gemstone, which is also known as Gritmani, is the birthstone of the month august. It is usually green in colour. Its hardness is 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. The benefits of peridot are that it cures disease related to spleen, lungs, lymph, and other diseases. It attracts wealth, brings success in academic and professional life, strengthens communication and oratory skills. Peridot gemstone is also a substitute for precious gemstone emeralds.

Facts of Peridot stone:

The name PERIDOT is derived from pear-a-doe/ pear-a-dot.

The darkness of a peridot gemstone is depending on the quantity of iron it contains, the more iron it contains, and the darker it will be.

Peridot is a day as well as a night stone. Even in the artificial light, it shines brighter. And that’s why it is called “Evening Emerald”.

Peridot gemstone is connected with Hawaii culture; they considered it to be the tears of Volcano goddess Pele.

Till now the largest peridot was found was 319 carat.

In ancient time, Egyptians considered peridot “Gem of Sun”

peridot gemstone

Benefits of wearing peridot:

It cures from health disease: The main benefits of wearing a peridot gemstone is that it cures from health disease related to organs, intestine, stomach, eyes, spleen, lungs and other body parts. It cures remaining disease and protects from having it. It strengthens body and immunity power.

Help to attain success: Peridot gemstone helps to get success easily. For working people, it brings improvement in their work. People, who are struggling for success for a long time, are working hard but they are not getting success, so Peridot is beneficial for them.

Improve oratory or communication skills: Ruling planet of Peridot is mercury, so wrongly placed mercury or weak mercury leads to bad communication skills. It helps to improve oratory and communication skills.

It strengthens mercury in horoscopes: As you read above, peridot gemstone is ruled by mercury planets. Wrongly placed mercury or weak mercury gives negative effects. So, it strengthens mercury in horoscopes and protects from its negative effects.

It also attracts wealth: Other benefits of wearing peridot are that it removes financial problems; it attracts more and more money. Increase financial status of its wearer.

Right Procedure of wearing Peridot stone:

Metal: Any metal which is suitable and affordable for its wearer can be a good choice. But most of the time silver metal is considered good because it helps to attain more and more benefits. Gold and Panchdhatu both are good for peridot.

Finger: It is not very important to wear a gemstone on a ring. Any jewellery which is suitable to the wearer can be worn. Pendant and ring both can be worn but stone should touch skin. If it is worn in the ring then it should be worn in the little finger.

Day and Time: The day of the Mercury planet is Wednesday. So, it should be worn on Wednesday. Most of the gemstones are worn in the early morning, but peridot is worn in the evening after sunset.

Quality of Peridot:

Origin: Peridot comes from many origins such as the U.S.A, Burma, Russia, Australia, Brazil and many other countries. High quality green peridot comes from Pakistan. U.S.A, Burma and other origin Peridot stones are darker and not good quality.

Colour: Peridot gemstone is of green colour, but different shades are available in green colour. Light green peridots are good, more preferable and good for astrology. Dark green colour peridots are low quality and mostly avoided in astrology.

Clarity: It is very normal to have inclusions on natural gemstones. Peridot gemstone also contains some minor and major inclusions. Minor inclusions are alright and can be used in astrology. Major inclusions or heated treated peridot are not used in astrology.

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