Opal Gemstone: Gemstone for Luxury Life

Opal Gemstone: Gemstone for Luxury Life

Opal is semi precious white colored gemstones also known as dudhiya pathar in Hindi belonging to the silicate mineral family. In astrology, Opal is considered as a substitute of Diamond. It has the same benefits as diamond, it is worn for success, luxurious life and good health. Opal is known for its ‘Play of colour’ which is called fire.

Opal gemstone is ruled by the Venus planet. Venus is a planet of love, pleasure, creativity, luxury and many more. Wrongly placed Venus or weak Venus in horoscopes gives many bad effects like fights, misunderstandings, lack of love in married life, financial problems and bad health. It is important to make Venus strong so that Venus gives only positive results.

Opal is found in many colours like white, blue, green, orange, pink and black. It is also available normally without fire. But normal opals are not preferable, Fire opals in white colour are preferable for astrology purposes.

How opal gemstone works:

Good for matrimonial life: Opal is a good stone for matrimonial problems; it makes married life better. Opal brings love, harmony and mutual understanding in married life.

Success benefits: Opal helps the wearer to improve their creativity. According to astrologers, opal gives a push to wearers for their creativity, success and career fields.

Luxurious life: It is ruled by the Venus planet which is a planet of luxurious life. Wearing opal can improve financial status and it attracts money, this provides a luxurious life to the wearer.

Health benefits: Opal has some properties of curing health disease and protects the wearer from other health issues. It cures health diseases related to liver, endocrine and urinary problems.

Can opal worn by anyone:

Opal gemstone is a white colored beautiful gemstone worn for many types of benefits and for jewellery. It is worn by anyone but it is highly recommended to those whose Venus is weak or wrongly placed in horoscope. Opal gemstone is ruled by planet Venus. So, it is suggested to weak Venus people. According to Indian astrology Libra and Taurus are the suitable ascendants. According to western astrology suitable ascendants are Capricorn, Gemini, Aquarius and Virgo. Otherwise gemstone is worn as per astrologers’ suggestion except fashion. It is better to wear a gemstone after checking the horoscope.

How to wear Opal Gemstone:

Weight: At least 1/10th of the body weight is worn. For e.g. a person having body weight 70 kg have to wear minimum 7 carat opal gemstone.

Colour: White opal with fire is highly preferable.

Metal: Mostly, silver metal is preferred but platinum, gold and panchdhatu can also be worn.

Finger: Opal ring is worn in ring finger. But opal can also be worn in other jewellery.

Day & Time: Friday morning between 5 AM to 7 AM during the waxing moon.

Chanting Method: “Om Shum Shukraya Namaha, ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः”

Which quality of opal gemstone is best:

Origin: Opal gemstone comes from many countries, Australia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil and many more. Australia fire opal is more preferable for its rich fire. After it, Ethiopian is suggested and after it Mexican is preferable for its transparent to translucent appearance.

Colour:  Opal gemstone is available in white, black, pink, blue, and green and orange. White opal containing fire is highly preferable for astrological purposes. Other colored opals look beautiful but white is preferable.

Fire: Fire matters in opal, a common opal is not good for astrology. For astrology purposes, an opal with bright fire in it is better. It gives more benefits earlier, but high in range and normal opal is very less in price.

Clarity: In opal gemstone, transparency and inclusions define the clarity of gemstone. Dendrites, sand particles, webbing, healed fractures and potch strand or dead spots are the common inclusions which can be seen by naked eye.

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