November Birthstone: 2 Different stones with similar benefits

November Birthstone: 2 Different stones with similar benefits

November has two birthstones, both look similar, both are substitutes of each other, both have the same benefits and properties. They are topaz and citrine. Both gemstones are November birthstones. Citrine and topaz both are considered to be substitutes of yellow sapphire and other precious gemstones. Citrine is an only variety but has similar color; on the other side topaz have wide variety and different colors. Citrine is a substitute of yellow sapphire but different varieties of topaz are substitutes of different precious gemstones. Both are good for intelligence power, cure disease and promote a stress free life. Both are perfect for November born people.

Topaz: Modern November Birthstone

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Topaz is a modern November birthstone, it is available in different colors and has a different variety; every topaz is a substitute of precious gemstone. Blue topaz is a substitute of blue sapphire, yellow topaz is substitute of yellow sapphire, and white topaz is substitute of diamond. Blue topaz is the most popular, rare and beautiful variety of topaz. The hardness of topaz is 8 on the Mohs scale. Blue variety of topaz is good for attracting luck, protection from mishaps, the yellow variety is good for intelligence and good fame, White variety is for luxury and relationships. All the varieties have different benefits but some benefits are common which are written below.

Astrological Benefits of Topaz (Modern November Birthstone):

Good for health, as it cures disease: All the topazes have properties of curing disease, if topaz is wearing for the health issues, then yellow topaz has is more beneficial, as its healing powers are stronger than the other variety of topaz.

Improve intelligence power: Topaz is beneficial for the brain, as it is good for improving the intellectual power of its wearer; topaz helps to provide stability to mind. It provides the right direction, as it works as a guide.

It attracts luck: Blue topaz is a stone which attracts the good luck of its wearer, protecting it from mishaps, problems and accidents. Wearing it can help to reduce all the hurdles.

Attract Luxury: There is one variety of topaz which attracts luxury, removes all the financial issues, fulfils all the requirements of money and attracts luxury. That is white topaz, which promotes a luxurious life.

Citrine: Traditional November birthstone

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Citrine or sunela is a traditional November birthstone belonging to the quartz mineral family. In astrology, it is also a substitute of precious gemstone yellow sapphire. Ruling planet of citrine gemstone is Jupiter, wearing it can strengthen Jupiter in horoscope and protect from its negative effect. Hardness of this gemstone is 7 on the Mohs scale. The colour of citrine is from pale yellow to orange, available in different shades. Wearing it improves intelligence, power, relationship and health. Different quality and different shades are available in it. Citrine is also known as a money attractor gemstone.

Benefits of Citrine (Traditional November Birthstone):

Attracts Money: Citrine is a stone which is known as a stone of money. This stone is good for increasing wealth or attracting money. Citrine has the strongest magnetic power to attract and improve finances.

Improve intelligence power: Citrine is a gemstone responsible for the better intelligence power; it improves the concentration power, mind stability, and good for higher learning power.

Good for matrimonial: Wearing it can help to get a better relationship, removes stress, misunderstanding and miscommunication. For married people, it helps them to conceive a baby and promotes a healthy pregnancy.

Beneficial in curing disease: Citrine has metaphysical properties as it cures disease related to liver, headache, fever and infections, wearing it can help to reduce stress, and a tension free mind.

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