Power of Nine Deities: Nine Mukhi Rudraksha

Power of Nine Deities: Nine Mukhi Rudraksha

Nine Mukhi rudraksha is a rudraksha with nine faces and power of Nine deities. As you know Rudraksha plays a very important role in spiritual life. Rudraksha bead help the wearer to overcome from the problems. There are many types of rudraksha and every rudraksha has different power and every rudraksha is used for different purpose. Nine mukhi rudraksha is a rudraksha which has the power of Nav Durga, this rudraksha bead is blessing of nav durga. This rudraksha has many benefits as it can cure blood flow problems; it makes the wearer healthy and fit. If Rudraksha is used along with medicines, then the disease can be completely cured.

Importance of Nine Mukhi Rudraksha:

  • It is a blessing of Nav Durga: This rudraksha is a blessing of Nav durga; people who worship durga maa should wear this. Wearer of nav mukhi rudraksha gets blessed by maa durga.
  • Protect from malefic effect of Rahu: This rudraksha is a rudraksha of rahu; those people who suffers from the effect of rahu or want to protect themselves from rahu can wear nine face rudraksha.
  • It has many health benefits: This rudraksha is very helpful in curing health disease and making blood flow better. Most of the people have blood problems; it can be beneficial for them.

Benefits of Nine Mukhi rudraksha:

  • Remove effects of Rahu: Those people who are suffering from the malefic effect of Rahu, wearing it can be beneficial for them. This rudraksha save the wearer from malefic effects of Rahu.
  • Health benefits of this rudraksha: Those people who have skin disease or problems of blood flow can wear this rudraksha for more effective result, it is considered helpful in curing blood flow problems.
  • Get rid of mental stress: Now a day’s stress becomes common for everyone, almost everyone has anxiety, stress, depression or tension. This rudraksha is very helpful in reducing stress and making mind stressful.
  • Reduce anger of wearer: This rudraksha is considered beneficial for those people, who have anger issues, it reduces anger of wearer. This Rudraksha calms the anger and makes the wearer happy.
  • Saves wearer from the problems: As you read above, it has the power of Maa Durga who saves the wearer from bad incidents and problems.

Who can wear nine mukhi rudraksha:

Nine Mukhi rudraksha can be worn by anyone there is no restriction of wear it. But wearing nine mukhi rudraksha is more beneficial for them who have mental stress or want to remove anger. Except these problems, who wants protection can wear and avail its benefits.

Restrictions of Wearer of Nine Mukhi Rudraksha:

  • Wearer of nine mukhi rudraksha can’t eat non-veg and can’t drink alcohol
  • Any type of intoxication is restricted for the wearer
  • Wearer of nine mukhi rudraksha can’t wear rudraksha at night
  • Before wearing rudraksha in the morning worship it
  • Worship your rudraksha bead daily
  • Always keep your rudraksha bead neat and clean
  • Avoid rudraksha from chemical wash
  • Wash your rudraksha bead with raw cow’s milk and gangajal

Method of worshiping Nine Mukhi Rudraksha:

Monday is considered best day for wearing nine mukhi rudraksha. , Buy natural and certified rudraksha and then, on Monday morning sit at a clean place in a temple or place of worship at home, wash your rudraksha bead with raw cow’s milk and then in gangajal. Now you can chant with the mantra “OM HEEM HUM NAMAH”. After having all this process you can wear your rudraksha.

Ruling Planet of Nine mukhi rudraksha:

Rahu is the ruling planet of nine faces rudraksha. People are recommended to wear nine face rudraksha who have malefic effect of planet rahu. Rahu is such a planet, if it is in the right place in the horoscope, then it will make a man’s life very good, but if it is not in the right place then it will ruin the man.

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