Natural Certified Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Ring 3.90-9.20 Carat with Panchadhatu Astrology Ring for Unisex, Genuine Yellow Sapphire Ring


Details ~

  • Handmade Ring
  • Materials – Panchdhatu
  • Weight & Size –  From 3.85 carat/ 4.27 Ratti  To 10.10 carat / 11.22 Ratti
  • Country  of Origin – Bangkok
  • Shipping & Delivery – In India (6 to 10 days) Across From India (10 to 15 days). Free Shipping India
  • Finishing – Very Good
  • Certified – GJL Laboratory Certificate
  • Colour – Yello
  • If you are from out of India Please buy our products in USD Price Otherwise We will not deliver our products.


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 What is yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) stone?

Yellow Sapphire ring (stone), also known as Pukhraj stone, is a eminently valuable (precious), yellowish colored bead of this Corundum mineral household. It’s among the most recognized gemstones in Vedic astrology worn for skilled prosperity, blissful matrimony, improved will power, along with a wholesome progeny.

Benefits of Wearing a Yellow Sapphire Rings

1- Yellow Sapphire ring (gems) can work amazing things for your own life if it’s worn correctly. It attracts prosperity to people who utilize it, hence making it among the very popular and valuable diamonds one of the Navaratnas.

It is helpful to enhance the financial condition of the wearer
in addition to shower him or her using a great deal of riches, fantastic health, celebrity, name, honor and

2- Indian culture believes Yellow Sapphires an amazing stone, which brings prosperity and peace also guarantees the continuation of their household. Yellow Sapphire represents divine power and elegance.

It’s regarded as among the safest diamonds, also is the
bead of wisdom, auspicious prosperity and enjoying relationships and supplies 1/24 general nicely bring and religious awareness into the wearer.

3- Yellow Sapphire ring (Stone) Provides Rapid results if worn in Gold or Panch Dhatu on a Thursday. According to the sacred textbooks, all married women who desire a Harmonious married life and a happy family should put on a Yellow Sapphire for a
prosperous family life.

4- Those who wear Yellow sapphire ring are bestowed with good health, wisdom, property, longevity, name honours and fame and are protected from evil spirits. It is one of the best Gemstones, especially during the academic life. Students who wear Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphires excel in their studies.

It removes any kind of delay coming in the way of a female individual. If there is any hurdle in getting a suitable match for a girl, she easily finds a perfect match by wearing a yellow sapphire. It provides a good balance in your married life and the wearer is blessed with children.

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Additional information

Ring size

1 US / 1 India, 1.5 US / 1.5 India, 10 US / 22 India, 10.5 US / 23 India, 11 US / 25 India, 11.5 US / 26 India, 12 US / 27 India, 12.5 US / 29 India, 13 US / 30 India, 13.5 US / 32 India, 14 US / 33 India, 14.5 US / 34 India, 15 US / 35 India, 15.5 US / 36 India, 2 US / 2 India, 2.5 US / 3 India, 4 US / 8 India, 4.5 US / 9 India, 5 US / 10 India, 5.5 US / 11 India, 6 US / 12 India, 6.5 US / 13 India, 7 US / 14 INR, 7.5 US / 15 USD, 8 US / 17 INR, 8.5 US / 19 INR, 9 US / 20 INR, 9.5 US / 21 India


Panchdhatu (Alloy), Sterling Silver

Carat & Ratti

3.85 carat/ 4.27 Ratti, 4.75 carat/5.27 Ratti, 5.70 carat /6.32 Ratti, 6.52 carat / 7.24 Ratti, 7.41 carat / 8.22 Ratti, 8.30 carat / 9.22 Ratti, 10.10 carat / 11.22 Ratti


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