Natural Amazonite Tumble Stones
Natural Amazonite Tumble Stones
Natural Amazonite Tumble Stones

Natural Amazonite Tumble Stones

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  • Item Type – Loose Stones
  • Stone Name – Amazonite
  • Stone Natural – Yes
  • Stone Certified – Yes
  • Stone Is Raw – No
  • Stone Weight – 1 Piece (10-20 Gram)
  • Cash On Delivery – Available
  • Free Shipping Available – All Over India
  • Shipping – In India (6 to 10 days) Across From India (10 to 15 days)
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About amazonite tumble stones

  • It is a natural healing stone for astrology purposes.
  • Amazonite is an excellent choice to express nonverbal thoughts. It’s a great energy filter that blocks stress caused by geopathic causes and electromagnetic pollution generated by microwaves from computers or cellphones. Amazonite aids in expressing one’s thoughts and feelings without causing excessive emotion.
  • It allows one to look at a problem from the perspective of another to influence peace or see the two sides of an issue in order to solve one’s own internal conflict.
  • Amazonite is considered to be a symbol of prosperity and success. It is a stone that brings luck and good luck. It balances feminine and masculine energies. It’s great to establish boundaries and also for self-control. An effective throat chakra stone can aid you in conquering the fear of judgment or confrontation to be able to freely follow your passion and be true to yourself. Consider it the stone of hope.


Who Should Use This Crystal?

  • Anyone can use this crystal who want to boos in their communication abilities.
  • Persons working on high heart and heart chakras along with throat chakra.
  • For those who struggle with past trauma, Amazonite can also bring its healing energy to help you step forward


How To Use This Crystal?

  • Place the crystals into your palm following cleaning and charging them.
  • You can expect them to work with you in the field you would like to seek their assistance in.
  • Keep them in your bed or in your hands while you meditate or keep them near your side or at work.
  • Make them into jewelry.
  • Pray according to your intention and wishes you wanted to fulfill it.
  • Keep at the place you work in the office or home.


How To Clean The Crystal?

Getting it to wash under the cold running water or holding it under the tap can also be beneficial. You can also use other methods to use it.

Crystal Care Tips?

  • You need to cleanse it every two to three weeks.
  • If the stone gets damaged or broken then immerse it in the earth or drown in a lake or river.


Shipping And Delivery?

If you are from India then we will deliver our products in 5 to 10 Days. If you are from other countries then we will deliver our products in 10 to 15 days.

Return Policy

If you want to return any product then firstly read our return policy.


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