Moonstone (Chandrakant): Colorful Variety of Gemstone

Moonstone (Chandrakant): Colorful Variety of Gemstone

Moonstone, Its name defines that it is stone of planet moon, the another name it is known is chandrakant. It is a semi-precious gemstone considered a birthstone of month June. Moon stone is also a substitute of precious stone pearl (Moti). Some of the main benefits of wearing moon stone are that it increase spiritual growth, attracts positive vibes, give peace of mind, reduce aggression and promotes self love.

There are many types of moon stone like white moon stone, rainbow moon stone, peach moon stone, star moon stone and many more. Every variety of moon stones has a different benefits and use for different purpose. This is the only substitute of precious pearl gemstone. It’s a calming stone activates the inner energy for spiritual activities and gives a lot of benefits. For availing it’s more benefits it is held in palm while mediation.

Advantages of wearing moonstone:

Balance Emotions: The name of moonstone defines that it is the stone of the moon planet, planet moon is responsible for the emotions. Wearing moon stone helps to balance emotions, thought and feelings.

Reduce Anger: Moon planet is the planet of peace, wearing Moon’s gemstone gives peace. Wearing it calms nature. This reduces anger and reduces negative thoughts.

Promotes Self Love: Love is important not only to others for you too. So wearing a moon stone promotes love for yourself, boosts self love and self-esteem. It keeps its wearer happy and joyful.

Gives Peace and positivity: This stone attracts positive vibes and peace. Wearing this gemstone can help you to be more positive and confident. It spreads positivity in the environment and mind.

Spiritual Growth: Nowadays many people are far away from spiritual activities, they are aware how spiritual activities are important. For activating the inner self for spiritual growth and activities this stone is perfect.

Types of Moonstone and their properties:


White Moonstone: White moon stone is used to relieve stress; it is used to pacify the body, mind, soul and removes all kinds of worries. Game therapists, Ayurvedic doctors and astrologers suggest it to those people who want to be stress free.

Peach Moonstone: It is also known as yellow moon stone, this stone acts as guidance, it provides a good direction. It protects the relationship and promotes a healthy relationship. Wearing this variety of moon stone increases patience.

Grey Moonstone: The grey variety of moon stone is responsible for physic healing properties; this stone is for physic abilities of vision, clairvoyance powers and physic sight.

Cat’s Eye Moonstone: Cat’s eye moon stone is a rare variety of gemstone. Cat’s eye has an effective astrological power which attracts peace, prosperity and wealth. A mixture of potassium aluminum silicate reveals the rare feature of chatoyancy.

Star Moonstone: Star variety in all gemstones are very rare, it is also available in moon stone. When star moon stone is placed under natural light, a four layered star appears on its surface.

Black Moonstone: Black moon stone is a protection stone as it protects from negative energies. Because of its protective properties it is mostly used in meditation.      

Pink Moonstone: This lovely crystal represents love and a soft feeling. This is useful for reducing relationship problems, increasing love, communication and compatibility in relationships.

Rainbow Moonstone: Rainbow moon stone is one of the colorful crystals, It balances harmony, encourages confidence, creativity and compassion. Rainbow moon stone strengthens intuition and psychic perceptions.

Green Moonstone: It is a balancing crystal; it is beneficial for reducing negative feelings and anger. Gives a relief from stress, heals our past wounds and heart. Responsible for activating and maintaining heart and crown chakra.

Other moonstone: There are also many other variety of moon stone which are very rare and contains similar benefits like these variety of moon stone.

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