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    What is moissanite? Did You Know?

    Moissanite is a gemstone that appears to be similar to a diamond. Such stones which are alike to diamond but are not a real diamond are known as diamond simulant. Also known as born in stars and inspired by the ancient stardust, Moissanite was firstly discovered in a meteor in 1893 by Henri Moissan, who was a top notch French scientist. He found tiny particles of the jewel that would ultimately bear his name in Arizona, in a cavity made by a shooting star that tumbled to Earth. He at first imagined that he had found precious stones, yet later established that the gems were made out of silicon carbide. Like all natural things are seen less, likewise, natural moissanite is also one of the rarest. However, the moissanite found in the market is synthetically lab invented moissanite.

    Best Moissanite Wholesaler

    best moissanite wholesaler

    Are you into wholesale? Or finding a reliable wholesaler dealer? If yes, then your search ends here as here comes the world’s largest and renowned gemstones wholesaler dealer company. Shraddha Shree gems understand the value of your requirements which is why we tend to offer you the best of the best gems and stones to increase the value of your pride. We are here to assist you in good dealing and buying of gems in wholesale. From the past successful years, we have been standing upon our buyers’ expectations and give out the best services. With the continuously increasing lists of our happy customers, we have reached the peaks of success and now looking forward to working with you.

    Best Moissanite Wholesaler

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    Diamond Vs Moissanite

    • In terms of weight –  As compared to diamond, moissanite weighs lesser- 15%-20% less weight. Moissanite is likewise sold dependent on unexpected norms in comparison to jewels. Moissanite is sold dependent on size and shading while precious stones are evaluated dependent on their 4 C’s just as numerous different variables. On the other hand, diamonds are harder and weigh more than a moissanite.
    • In terms of colour – Moissanite and diamonds vary in the terms of rice, as moissanite is less expensive. However, moissanite prices vary in size and shape. Conversely, the price of diamonds varies from shape, size, color, cut as well as clarity. Moissanite is priced at Rs. 2000 (30$) to 3000 (45$)/ carat, however, a one-carat diamond falls between $ 2000 to $ 30000.
    • In terms of brilliance – What is brilliance? The stone can reflect the white light. Moissanite has a higher scattering (2.65-2.70) than a diamond. On the contrary, moissanite radiating whiter shimmer will reflect more shaded shimmer (“fire”), as well. An unusual brilliance thrown by diamond differs from other stones and gems, which is in three unique manners. The white light reflected is alluded to as brightness, while the rainbow of tones refracted through the jewel is alluded to as scattering. The mix of these three gives precious stones their celebrated shimmer. 
    • In the terms of Fire – Such a huge number impact is another name for scattering, which alludes to how a stone separates light into unearthly tones. At the point when light enters moissanite, the fire created is more extraordinary than that in a jewel. In this way, on the off chance that you hold moissanite before your eye against a wellspring of light, the glimmers you will see should be greater and more brilliant than those you would see in a precious stone. 


    Moissanite is a highly stable material in the terms of durability, color, and many other means. Coming upon the buying of moissanite, you can buy it from anywhere in the world. However, if you want moissanite under flexible rates and good services then, you should go for shraddha Shree gems. Shraddha Shree Gems is a renowned gemstones wholesaler dealer in the world.

    Moissanite gemstones are delivered inside demanding details and great control guidelines. The Certificate of Authenticity guarantees that each gemstone is a unique item that has been made in controlled offices by profoundly gifted experts utilizing the most recent innovation. Moissanites made gemstones are delivered available to be purchased simply after having fulfilled severe quality control guidelines. Hence, moissanite stones are certified.

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