Lapis Lazuli gemstone: A Beautiful Healing Gemstone
lapis lazuli gemstone

Lapis Lazuli gemstone: A Beautiful Healing Gemstone

Lapis lazuli gemstone is a semi precious deep blue colored gemstone also called lajward in Hindi use for many healing properties. It is opaque in appearance, found in blue colour with golden flecks. It is a healing stone having many healing properties. This stone is worn and also placed inside the home for removing negativity and attracting positivity.

It has many benefits as it can cure various diseases. It is worn in different jewellery like garland, bracelet, pendant or ring. It is ruled by Jupiter planets but associated with Saturn planets; it gives both astrological benefits related to Jupiter and Saturn. Lapis lazuli gemstone encourages the strength, royalty, wisdom and many more other things of the wearer.

What benefits wearers get after wearing lapis lazuli gemstone:

It removes negativity: Lajward is a stone which removes and keeps away negativity, it attracts positivity. For attracting positivity it is worn or it can also be kept at a place of work, home or office.

Spiritual Benefits of lajward: Lapis lazuli gemstone reduces stress, gives peace to mind. It makes the wearer calm. Lajward also reduces fighting and negative thoughts which makes the relationship better with the wearer.

Health benefits of lapis lazuli: As you read above, lapis lazuli is a healing stone because it has many healing properties. It is a good stone for spleen, heart, respiratory, RNA/DNA damage, tuberculosis and many other health diseases.

Maintain Vishuddha chakra: Blue colored lapis lazuli gemstone is good for maintaining vishuddha chakra because bad vishuddha chakra gives many diseases related to hearing, thyroid and bad immune system to a person.

Is Lapis lazuli gemstone good for everyone:

Yes, lapis lazuli gemstone good for everyone but more better for those who are suffering from anxiety or unstable mind, any health disease of spleen, heart, respiratory or other issues. Those who are facing problems in overcoming negativity. On the other side who are included in yoga, meditation or spiritual powers. According to birth month, it is for September born people and for 9th anniversary. Otherwise, it is a beautiful blue colored stone that can also be worn as a fashion in different jewellery. Its blue colour and golden flecks attract the attention and give a very beautiful look to jewellery. Speaking fear or those who are the bad listener or having imbalance vishuddha chakra (throat chakra).

Further information of Lapis lazuli gemstone:

Lapis lazuli gemstone which is mined in Afghanistan is considered good quality. Otherwise it is mined from many other countries, but Afghanistan is best for astrology or healing purposes. Lapis lazuli gemstone is also worn with rudraksha. It is also worn for vishuddha chakra. Vishuddha chakra is a throat chakra which is located in the region of the throat above the collar bone. It is connected with hearing and cleansing the body. This is the chakra for will power, wisdom and right decision making power. It is better to maintain and be active in vishuddha chakra. Imbalance vishuddha chakra gives many problems like, thyroid, back pain and weak immunity. It is better to maintain it and keep active.

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