Everything to know about Yellow Sapphire Stone

Everything to know about Yellow Sapphire Stone

Ideally, the yellow sapphire stone or pukhraj stone is quite heavy as it tends to appear transparent and also massive in size even when it doesn’t showcase any layers. The yellow sapphire stone is both glib and soft. The gemstone seems like a yellow oleander, provided it is natural or authentic. Additionally, the colour turns out to be more alright, if you rub it on a wall. You can say that stone is fake if the stone seems like it has two colours or features a smudge black colour. The stone is most likely to slip from your hand if you choose to suppress it from your index and thumb finger. The stone is said to be genuine if and only if it looks like the shape of the sun.

Some of the properties of Pukhraj stone:

  • Clarity- The yellow sapphire stone is said to be authentic if it appears clear and also has high quality besides the exorbitant price.
  • Colour- Some of the stones tend to bear the value of colour, like if the colour is bright and friendly, then the stone is original or else no. The only stone hues valuable include yellow, lemon yellow and bright yellow.
  • Carat-Usually, the gemstones tend to be measured in a carat unit. As larger the size of the stone higher will be the price. There is also genuine contamination in larger gemstones—the carat price increases when pukhraj is cleaner.
  • Cut- the stones are said to be carved in various sizes and shapes, and if you are looking for a lower price stone, then you can surely go for oval or round cuts.

What are the yellow sapphire stone benefits?

The Pukhraj stone is ideal for health and also helps in recovering from various diseases as it gives relief from all the joint pains, and coughs and other lung ailments. Also, it helps in solving bone-related disorders. With pukhraj stone powder, you can also heal jaundice. You have to mix the powder with honey and water. Also, the sapphire stone solves all related issues. You can cure some ailments, including heart, cholera, dysentery, and blood-related diseases.

Pukhraj stone for relationships- The planet for relationships and marital life is Jupiter, and it ensures you have a happy and lovely married life. The stone tends to protect the person from accidental death and dangers when they are travelling. It also stands for harmony and friendship.

Pukhraj stone for a career- It is also known that yellow sapphire stone promises prosperity and success in some career or business. People who are working as legal professionals or are in the army must wear this stone. In professional life, the stone indeed promises success. It must be worn by legal experts, professors, spiritualists, army officers, soldiers, and public welfare servants if they want to do excellent in their career.

Quality of the Pukhraj stone-As per the yellow sapphire stone experts, the clear and transparent stone is not authentic always as all-natural gemstones have some inclusions. Some of the rocks tend to be made in labs synthetically.

The stone price of Pukhraj- The price mainly depends on the colour of the stone besides transparency, cut and lustre. You can get the rock at a relatively lower price if you buy artificial stones.

How can you wear Pukhraj stone?

The stone is mainly dedicated to the planet Jupiter so you must wear it on Thursday. Also, you need to wear it on the Index finger of your right hand and gold, or panchdhatu is recommended for this stone. Men can wear it on the right hand, while females can wear it on the left hand. Before wearing, you need to get cleaned by taking a shower and sit in front of the temple in your house. You can also wear this as a pendant. Also, sprinkle some Gangajal on your stone while offering prayer.

Some of the properties of yellow sapphire stone:



Specific gravity


Optic character


Refractive Index



Benefits of wearing yellow sapphire stone

The yellow sapphire stone can change your life in this way if you are facing problems in the marriage-related matter or delay in marriage and finding a perfect life partner. It removes mental issues as Yellow Sapphire stone positive vibes and energy can promise positive vibes and energy. You can get rid of depression and negative thoughts if you wear this stone. You can also wear this stone to bring luck and fortune as it offers an open sea of opportunity. Yellow sapphire stone is mainly the most optimistic and benevolent stone for unmarried females as per holy books and scriptures. The stone can do magic for you as Jupiter is said to signify luck, fortune, wealth, prosperity in life, marriage bliss, etc.

You can resolve to solve divorce and conflict issues by wearing this stone.

Buy yellow sapphire stone online:

Gone are the days, when you would have to physically visit the store to buy the yellow sapphire stone. Now with the whole offline to online transformation taking place, it has become super easy to purchase yellow sapphire stone from the online front. There are multiple dealers who have been providing the original and authentic. All you have to do is, a thorough homework before buying the stone, instead of getting fooled.

Also, it is essential to check out the features of the stone and read the feedback of the stones. If you are looking forward to know about the Yellow sapphire stone price,then you can just check out the online prices. Although there are times when the prices may vary depending on who is selling it, the size, etc. Take into account all the factors then come up with the final price.

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