Everything to know about One Mukhi rudraksha

Everything to know about One Mukhi rudraksha

One mukhi rudraksha is the most powerful and strong rudraksha bead. To know the power of one Mukhi rudraksha firstly we should know the aspects of Lord Shiva. The one face rudraksha bead can be kept at the worship place of home or worn by a person. This rudraksha brings positivity and serenity. And, the person who wears this is blessed by lord Shiva and Mahalaxmi.

Shape of the original one Mukhi rudraksha bead is cashew nut or half moon and the color is brown. This one Mukhi rudraksha shows the relation between heaven and earth. There are many benefits of worshiping one Mukhi rudraksha like it can cure poor health, leads to good mental condition and solve problems related to wealth. 

How beneficial is wearing or worshiping one mukhi rudraksha

  • It leads to good mental and physical condition
  • Keep negative energy away
  • It keeps stress, hypertension, and anxiety away.
  • It fulfill all your desires
  • It control thoughts and mind
  • This bead is best for meditation and dhyana
  • It cures migraine within 7 days
  • The person who wears it becomes kind and soft hearted.
  • This one Mukhi rudraksha bead made wearer more confident
  • It controls flow of money
  • Remove obstacles related to career, promotion and financial issues

Who can wear one mukhi rudraksha:

Anyone can wear one face rudraksha bead, it doesn’t matter from where they belong. People of all cultures, backgrounds, caste, religion and gender can wear it. Wearing it can be more beneficial for ill people.

Ruling planet:

Sun is the ruling planet of the most powerful single face rudraksha.

Important facts of one Mukhi rudraksha:

  • It has healing power
  • It represents the energy of lord Shiva.
  • One face rudraksha is divine for worship
  • It Shows the connection between god and man

Thing kept in mind while wearing one Mukhi rudraksha:

  • Not to wear it at sleeping time: Rudraksha should not be worn at sleeping time. Keep it at the worship place of the house before going to bed.
  • Avoid eating non-veg and drinking alcohol: Rudraksha should not be worn while consuming non-veg or alcohol. People who wear rudraksha should keep away from eating non-veg or drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t share your bead with anyone: Neither should we take anybody else’s rudraksha nor should anyone give to his rudraksha.
  • Always keep one Mukhi rudraksha clean: you have to care for your rudraksha clean it every.
  • Wash your bead with cow’s milk: The important thing about these beads is when you clean it to avoid chemicals, Wash your one face rudraksha with cow’s milk or Gangajal.
  • Worship it daily: For best results, wear it and as well as worship it daily.

Mantras for one Mukhi rudraksha:

  • Shiva Purana: Om hreem namah
  • Skanda Purana: Om em namah
  • Padma Purana: Om om drisham namah
  • Yogasara: Om om brasham namah

About one Mukhi rudraksha:

One face rudraksha is designed as the third eye of lord Shiva.  This is the only fruit which I can wear. The most powerful one Mukhi rudraksha bead is found in Nepal which is found very rarely and expensive. Worshiping a rudraksha may bring positivity in your life. People believe that praying one face rudraksha can control the level of energies in your body. It is believed that rudraksha is a part of lord Shiva because it is made from tears of lord Shiva. It is believed that wearing Rudraksha receives immense power.

Types of one Mukhi/face rudraksha:  

Here is four color of single face rudraksha; every color is worship for different purpose

  • Red color one Mukhi rudraksha: Worshiping a red colored one Mukhi rudraksha can clear off all sins
  • White colored single face Mukhi rudraksha: White colored single face rudraksha is worship for good physical health.
  • Yellow color ek Mukhi/face rudraksha: This one face yellow rudraksha is worship for luxurious life
  • Black color one face rudraksha: These one face rudraksha is worship for mental confidence and for positive attitude.

How to wear one Mukhi rudraksha:

There is a right time and a right way to do everything in the same way; there is also a right time and way to wear Rudraksha. You can’t wear it anytime; you should know the right time to wear it.

Best time to wear one Mukhi or face rudraksha:

Wear a rudraksha in the red thread in the neck. Or it can also be worn in gold and silver chains. It should be held on Sundays. Take a bath on Sunday by sanctifying this unique Rudraksha from Gangajal.

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