July Birthstone: Effective benefits of Ruby Gemstone

July Birthstone: Effective benefits of Ruby Gemstone

July, which is the seventh month of the year. People who are born in July are dependent and they have the qualities of a good manager or leader. These people work according to their opinions. For these people ruby gemstone is perfect. Ruby gemstones can help them to improve their qualities.

Ruby gemstone (Manik) is the birthstone of July month. Ruby is Pinkish red precious gemstone; it is a very adorable gemstone and considered the king of all gemstones. Ruby is effective in making parental relationships better, attracting fame and luxury. Also effective in improving leadership quality and promoting better health.

Ruby Gemstone and its Facts:

Ruby is the precious gemstone also known as manik in Hindi. In astrology, Ruby has the strongest effects because it is ruled by planet sun. Planet sun is the leader planet. If the sun is wrongly placed in horoscopes then it can give some negative effects like it can reduce self- confidence, increase fights and misunderstanding in relationships, and sometimes also effects on health. 

Ruby is known for its attractive red colour. Ruby name is derived from the Latin word rubeus which means red, rubies red symbolises love and passion. It is believed that if you dream for a ruby that means you will have good luck. In ancient times, it was said that if you owned a ruby then you would live with harmony.

Another fact about ruby is that it is said ruby helps in protection against the devil. It doesn’t matter which ruby jewellery you have worn. Largest ruby in the world was founded in 1919 after the end of World War 1 and it is called “Peace” Ruby.

Benefits of Ruby gemstone:

Good for success: Ruby gemstone helps the person to attain success in life. People working in real- estate, politics or diplomacy should wear it because it helps to get success easily.

Makes parental relationship better: Sun holds the place of father in horoscope. Ruby strengthens the sun in horoscopes. So, it improves the coordination in the relationship between father and son.            

Improve leadership quality: Ruby is ruled by the leader of planets so it is most effective for improving leadership quality of the wearer. Good for handling management and team.

Health benefits of ruby: Sun is connected with bones, eyes and heart. So the health benefits of wearing ruby is that it strengthens bones, eye sight, and blood circulation of the body.

Ruby Gemstone

Qualities of Ruby:

Mines of ruby are found in many countries. Every country has different clarity and colour and effect differently. It is very important to know the quality of ruby before buying it. Because low quality affects the astrology purpose and high quality cannot be natural.

Origin: Ruby mines come from India, Afghanistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), and Africa. Burmese ruby is the most valuable, expensive and beautiful. After that Mozambique and Thailand ruby are good and can be used for astrology.  African ruby is darker in colour and has normal quality.

Colour: The colour of ruby stone is red but it is available in different shades of red colour. Burmese ruby has a pigeon red colour. Mozambique rubies have a pinkish red colour. The brighter colours have the highest price. Colour gets darker and fades the price will be reduced.

Clarity: All natural stone, some normal inclusions. Rubies also contain some minor inclusions. Clear, inclusions free and brighter rubies are very rare to find and also expensive. Rubies with normal inclusions, some darker colour and translucent are good for astrology.

Procedure of wearing Ruby gemstone:

Carat weight: All the gemstone wears in a quantity for ruby gemstone minimum 1/12th of the body weight is worn.

Metal: For Ruby gemstone, gold metal is highly recommended. But as an alternative, panchdhatu and silver can also be used.

Finger: Sun mount is placed on the ring finger on hand. So a ruby ring is worn on the ring finger of the hand.

Day and Time: Day of sun is Sunday. So Sunday is the best day for wearing ruby jewellery for astrology purposes.

Mantra: The chanting mantra which you have to chant while wearing ruby is “Om Ghrini Suryay Namah, ॐ घृणिः सूर्याय नमः”

How to energise: For energising ruby you need to take some incense stick. Burn five incense sticks and pray to the sun for their blessing. Then hold your ruby jewellery in your hand and show it 11 times to ruby.  Chant the mantra for 108 times and then wear your jewellery.

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