Jade Stone: Know All properties of Dream Stone

Jade Stone: Know All properties of Dream Stone

Jade stone is a semi-precious gemstone divided into two categories that is jadeite and nephrite, Jadeite is rarer than nephrite. Nephrite and jadeite look similar, it is not possible to find the difference by naked eye. There is only one way to find the difference between jadeite and nephrite: take a hard object and tap both stones on it, the stone which produces chime that is jadeite the other doesn’t produce chime that is nephrite.

It is found in different colors of green, lavender, and black, yellow, red; it is opaque and also sometimes translucent. Jade stone has very amazing properties; it is effective for attracting luck, wealth, health and a good relationship. Every gemstone has its own properties; jade stone is also different in its own way. It is also believed that green jade is the oldest stone.

The green color of green jade is also useful in color therapy. Jade stone is also known as dream stone, as it brings happy and positive dreams. There are a lot of benefits of wearing jade, everyone should use this stone and check its effects. These properties are only available in natural jades, if you want to avail it then wear only natural stone.

Benefits of jade stone:

Health benefits: Almost every gemstone has the power of curing disease similarly green jade also has. Metaphysical properties of jade can cure various organ diseases of spleen, kidney, and bladder, skeleton. Also it can be effective for balancing the hormone.

Brings good luck: Everyone wants to attract their good. So, stone is proved a lucky stone as it is effective for bringing good fortune, everyone should wear jade stone to remove their bad fortune.

Useful for relationships: Jade stone is also effective for the relationship as it brings happiness between you two, increases love and reduces all the misunderstandings. Not only relationships with others, it creates a bond and a good relationship between you and your soul, as it promotes self love.

Mental and emotional healing: The positive vibes of a stone is also useful for emotional healing and reducing mental stress. These healing crystals have the power of providing calm to you and your mind, reducing mental stress or anxiety. 

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Combination of green jade with other stones:

Green Jade with Carnelian: Wearing jade stone with carnelian can be effective for attracting good luck, prosperity and abundance. Another benefit of wearing this combination can increase success, wealth and profit in your business.

Green Jade with Jasper: Combining these two stones together increases happiness and love in your life and relationships. It will help you to sort out the misunderstandings and promote loyalty and understanding.

Green Jade with Calcite: Combination of these two crystals creates a very strong energy. This effective energy cures health disease early, mostly effective for back pain, bones and organs healing.

Qualities of jade stone:

Origin: Jade stone is a rare stone to find, some of the countries where jade stone is found in China, Guatemala, Mexico, Russia and Myanmar. Jade stones from Myanmar are of good quality. Good quality stone effects soon, other low quality stones are not good for using in healing or astrology.

Color: Jade stone is found in green, lavender, and red, yellow, black and white. These are six major colors of jade stone. Green jade is the most usable in astrology and healing purposes. Other colors are also available but rare and also their properties are different from each other.

Clarity: Jade is usually opaque and translucent, it has a smooth surface. It has an ideal texture and inclusion free look. It is usually smooth and in the market its raw material is also available.

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