Healing Crystal: What are they and how they effect

Healing Crystal: What are they and how they effect

Healing Crystals are made up from the combination of compounds and elements. These crystals are found in the earth’s crust called natural crystals. In this busy schedule everyone has stress, some have mental stress and some have physical issues, financial problems and other problems. Everyone wants a refresh from their lives and wants to get out from mental stress. For this refreshment, healing crystals have a big role. They absorb all the energies from sun, moon, soil, air, sea salt and release healing powers to us. Healing crystals aware the person, gives an energy to live a stress less life.

What is healing crystals:

Healing crystals are the crystals which are known for its healing properties for healing mind, body and soul. From an ancient time it is believed that these crystals have healing properties for healing body, soul and mind. It is said that crystal removes the negative energies from the environment, activates the chakra of the body and improves the behaviour. These crystals help the person to get rid of their problems and give hope to them. These healing crystals are available in the market in different shapes and forms, different forms of crystals are used for different purposes.

Benefits of healing crystals:

There are infinite types of healing crystals; every crystal has different healing properties. Some healing crystals for positive vibes, love, money, health and other problems.

Crystal for health:

Amethyst: Amethyst has the effective healing properties cures many diseases. It’s a healing crystal used from an ancient time. It is used for healing headaches, pains, improves digestion, endocrine, skin, removes toxins and makes the immune system better. Other benefits of amethyst are that it removes anxiety and stress and gets rid of headache. Amethyst is a symbol of power and strength.

Bloodstone: Bloodstone is good for curing blood related issues. It purifies blood and improves blood circulation. Bone marrow to blood flow purifies blood. It cures the injury, cuts, and burns very soon. It is effective both mentally and physically. Other benefits of bloodstone is that it gives confidence, strength and attracts good fortune.

Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is colourless and transparent crystal, having energies of curing any type of disease. For mentally, it gives clarity to the mind and removes stress. It is a stone that gives powerful energies which makes the person feel energetic and boost immunity strong. Other benefits of clear quartz is that it is aware of the person for spiritual activities.

Green Jade: Green Jade is a crystal of jade category and having metaphysical properties. This stone is effective for disease related to heart, kidneys and other glands. It promotes good metabolism and brings improvement in the nervous system. For mentally, it helps the outcome from depression and anxiety.

Crystal for Love:

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is known as a crystal of love. Having pink colour is effective in attracting your soul toward yourself, promotes healthy relationships and attracts love. Rose Quartz is the crystal used to remove misunderstanding and improve communication and compatibility.

Rhodochrosite: Rhodochrosite is also a pink colored beautiful gemstone. Its name is Rhodochrosite and is formed from the Greek word rhodon means rose and chroma which refers to pink. Its colour is usually pink to bright red. It is good for love and relationships. Having it is good for bringing love and harmony in a relationship. Good for attraction and finding the soul mate,

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Crystal for Positivity:

Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline is a very rare crystal. It is a grounding stone, said to connect the human soul to earth. Associated with all chakra of the body, helps to activate it and maintain it. Creating a positive environment also reduces anger, anxiety and other negative thoughts. This crystal is considered to represent strength, as it activates the inner strength.

Black Obsidian: Black obsidian is a stone of protection. It is formed by the cooled lava of a volcano; its black colour is connected with water elements, representing wisdom and power. It is connected with root chakra and used for grounding. It is good for removing negative energies from the environment and protection.

Crystal for Money:

Citrine: Citrine is the stone which attracts money. Citrine is also a substitute for precious stone yellow sapphire. Yellow sapphire is the stone used for strengthening intellectual power, wealth and prosperity. Citrine gives all the benefits of yellow sapphire and attracts money.

Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s Eye is an effective gemstone worn for money, it reduces the financial problem. In astrology, it is considered the substitute of precious and adorable stone ruby. Tiger’s Eye has different energies which creates an environment that reduces negative energies and attracts all the positive things.

Green Aventurine: Green aventurine is a stone which attracts good luck and opportunity. It removes all the hurdles which are stopping you from moving forward and stopping your finances.

How healing crystals works:

Healing crystals are having the positive vibes which neglects the negative energies from the environment and gives peace to body, mind and soul. They attract the opportunity, money, love, luck, and prosperity. They help us to get rid of mental stress, anxiety and depression. They make our mind stronger, improve concentration and control negative thoughts.

How to use them:

There are many ways to use your healing crystals:

Wear jewellery made up from healing crystals

Use it at the time of mediation

Keep it in your purse or in pocket

Place it in your home, office, working place, study table or where you want

Use other forms of healing crystal

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