Ganesha Rudraksha: Get Rid of All Hurdles

Ganesha Rudraksha: Get Rid of All Hurdles

The name of ganesha rudraksha defines that this is the rudraksha of lord ganesha, it looks like lord ganesha’s face there is a trunk on rudraksha. This rudraksha bead is known for its look as well as its effective powers. Ganesha rudraksha is ruled by the lord ganesha. Lord Ganesha helps to remove all the problems and hurdles from our work.

Before starting any new work we pray to lord ganesha so that we can’t face any problem in that work. Here are the rudraksha beads which are blessed by the lord ganesha and useful for removing all the hurdles and difficulties from our life. Ruling deity of ganesha rudraksha is lord ganesha. There is no ruling planet of this rudraksha bead. This rudraksha is very beneficial and effective.

Benefits of Ganesha Rudraksha:

Improve self confidence:  Wearing a ganesha rudraksha helps the person to boost their self confidence, self esteem. Brings a positive attitude inside the wearer, boosting the inner strength.

Good for career and success: Ganesha rudraksha helps the wearer to improve his concentration, intelligence. It helps the wearer to attain success soon, and build a good career.

Removes all the hurdles: Lord Ganesha is known for its power of removing hurdles. So, his blessed rudraksha helps the person to get a smooth life, and every work gets completed without any hurdles.

Health benefits: The health benefits that ganesha rudraksha gives is that it cures the disease related to bones, lungs, eyes, catarrhalis, hydrocele, airasia and maintains blood pressure.

Who can wear it?

Anyone can wear ganesha rudraksha, there is no side effect of wearing rudraksha, and any person can wear it irrespective of their gender, religion, caste, culture. According to this rudraksha, it is more beneficial to the people facing hurdles or delays in any type of work. People who are struggling for their career or success. Good for working people as it improves their concentration, effective for students as it is good for career. Anyone can wear ganesha rudraksha and avail its benefits. There is no side effect of wearing rudraksha.

How to wear:

It is very important to know the right way to wear rudraksha and its energising method.  Wrong way of wearing rudraksha can lead to less effectiveness or less beneficiary. The right way to wear ganesha rudraksha:

Ganesha Rudraksha should be wear on Wednesday

It can be worn in thread, gold, and silver or in panchdhatu but black thread should be avoided.

Rudraksha beads should be natural, new and fine, used beads, broken beads or defective beads are not good.

How to energise:

Sit in a temple or place of your home you worship your god. After taking a bath in the early morning. Take some raw cow milk, gangajal, basil leaves, and an incense stick in a bowl. Take raw cow milk in a bowl and add basil leave in it, dip you rudraksha in raw cow milk in another bowl add gangajal then remove you rudraksha bead from milk and wash it from gangajal then show some incense to rudraksha, hold it your hand and chant the mantra “ॐ गंग गणपतय नमोह नमः ” 108 times. Pray to god for fulfilling all your wishes for which you are wearing rudraksha.

How to take care of your ganesha rudraksha:

  • Wear it after energising, it is very important to energise otherwise, it will not be beneficiary.
  • Never wear used bead, don’t share your beads with others
  • Whenever you remove it, place it in a clean and safe place.
  • Keep faith on it
  • Wear a good quality and natural rudraksha bead.

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