Four Mukhi Rudraksha-Make your mind more powerful:

Four Mukhi Rudraksha-Make your mind more powerful:

Four Mukhi rudraksha is an identity of Veda. These beads have four faces. Four Mukhi Rudraksha is directly the form of Brahma ji who is the creator of the world. As soon as this Rudraksha touches the heart region, the human mind becomes religious and can get many types of financial benefits. Lord Brahma is the owner of Veda. So, those people who wear these four mukhi rudraksha are blessed by Lord Brahma and become the most powerful. This rudraksha keeps your mind calm.

This Rudraksha is worn to improve concentration and gives mental stagnation. The person who wears and worships it gains a lot of knowledge. This rudraksha is effective in clearing your worst sins. This rudraksha is also effective in curing heart disease and mental issues also. Wear at least 3 or 5 beads of rudraksha.

This rudraksha bead is a very powerful bead. It can cure diseases like thyroid and asthma. This rudraksha is also worn by people to get rid of depression and anxiety. This rudraksha is worship or wear by working people and students for concentrating on their work and study. This Rudraksha should also not be worn by those people who have committed many sins in their lifetime and now they have to atone for their sins.

How beneficial is four mukhi rudraksha bead:

  • Improve concentration:  This rudraksha bead is effective in improving concentration, gaining knowledge. This rudraksha bead is beneficial for those people or students who are not able to concentrate on work or study. 
  • It improves your financial condition: This rudraksha bead is the form of Lord Brahma who is the most powerful Lord. The person who wears this rudraksha bead has never faced any money related problem.
  • Give peace of mind: This rudraksha bead gives your peace of mind. The person who is restless or who has some kind of worry all the time, this Rudraksha is very beneficial for those people.
  • Beneficial for students:  This rudraksha bead is very beneficial for students and working people because this bead has the power of concentration. Students who are not able to concentrate or working people who have concentration problems at work should wear this.
  • Clear worst to worst sins:  Killing a human or killing an animal is the worst sins you can do in your life. And, this rudraksha bead has so much power that it can clear off these sins.
  • Protect from negativity: This powerful 4 mukhi rudraksha protects the wearer from negativity. These rudraksha beads are highly energized in power. These beads are able to protect the wearer from any type of negativity.
  • Health benefits of this rudraksha: This rudraksha bead also cures disease. This rudraksha bead has the power to cure thyroid disease, throat disease, asthma, respiratory problems and brain problems. 

Significance of Four faces rudraksha:

Four Mukhi Rudraksha
  • This rudraksha bead keeps your mind calm: There are a lot of people who are worried; some people are in depression, some have anxiety, almost everyone is worried then they should wear this for keeping their mind calm.
  • This rudraksha bead is the form of veda: As we know this rudraksha is the form of Lord Brahma who is the owner of veda. It is the one who gives the four classes of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha to man.
  • The person who wears it gains a lot of knowledge: The person who wears it has immense power to learn and understand, due to which he becomes intelligent.
  • Good for concentrating: The person who is not able to concentrate or whose mind is restless all the time should wear this worship daily. After worshiping it they will be able to concentrate and can calm your mind.
  • Brings positivity in life: These rudraksha beads are very powerful. After wearing it, the Wearer gets rid of many troubles after wearing Rudraksha. Life becomes very easy after wearing this rudraksha bead.

What activities wearer should avoid while wearing four faces rudraksha bead or garland:

  • The most important thing wearer shouldn’t do is eating non-veg and drinking alcohol
  • Avoid any type of intoxication 
  • Don’t wear defective or broken bead
  • Remove it while sleeping
  • Never share your rudraksha bead with anyone and don’t let anyone touch your bead
  • Always wash your rudraksha bead or garland with cow’s milk or gangajal but never wash it with soap or any chemical.
  • In the morning, worship your bead before wearing it
  • Worship rudraksha bead daily

Who can wear this char mukhi rudraksha?

Like all Rudraksha, everyone can wear this Rudraksha; there is no restriction to wear it. Anyone who belongs from a different religious, different caste, different culture can wear this. But wearing it can be more beneficial for those people who have brain disease, concentration problems or people whose minds are always restless, students who are not able to study, working people who face some problem doing their work.

How to wear powerful four Mukhi rudraksha:

The perfect day to wear four mukhi rudraksha is Thursday. Early in the morning, take a bath, wear clean clothes and go to the temple. Sit in the north direction, wash your rudraksha bead with raw cow’s milk and after doing this process chant the rudraksha garland or bead with the mantra. ‘OM HREEM NAMAH”.  And, wear this bead in red silk thread.

Ruling planet of chaar mukhi rudraksha:

Ruling planet of four mukhi rudraksha is Mercury. Wearing four mukhi rudraksha is more beneficial for those people whose zodiac signs are Gemini and Virgo.

Mantra for worshiping four mukhi rudraksha:

Mantra for chanting or worshiping four mukhi rudraksha beads is

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