Ten Mukhi Rudraksha: Rudraksha with ten faces

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha: Rudraksha with ten faces

Ten Mukhi Rudraksha bead is very powerful bead which plays a very important role in spiritual life. Rudraksha is of different face. The number of stripes on which Rudraksha is known by the name of Mukhi. There are 10 lines on this Rudraksha, hence it is known as 10 Mukhi Rudraksha. This 10 Mukhi rudraksha has many powers and energies.

It is believed that ten mukhi rudraksha is the second most powerful rudraksha after fourteen mukhi rudraksha. This rudraksha is not ruled by any planet but ruled by every planet. This rudraksha is ruled by Lord Narayan and Shree Krishna.

Benefits of ten Mukhi rudraksha:

  • It works as a shield: Rudraksha is a powerful bead which works as a shield on your body. Rudraksha have the energies to keep negativity away from you. It attracts positivity and protect from negative energies which are harmful to you.
  • Good for relationship and finance: Rudraksha is good for relationship and financial problem. It brings love and harmony in relationship. And, it attracts money which makes the wearer financially strong.
  • It gives mental peace: Rudraksha wearer gets relief from mental stress and gets mental peace. It removes unnecessary stress from mind and makes the wearer anxiety free.
  • Makes your mind stable: 10 mukhi rudraksha gives you the direction of happiness, it makes your mind stable. Multi tasker people who are always confuse are recommended to wear this rudraksha.
  • Remove anger: Ten Mukhi rudraksha is beneficial in removing anger. It makes the anger of wearer calm. It controls the aggression of the wearer.

How to wear ten mukhi rudraksha:

Wear rudraksha on Monday morning before 12PM. After buying it energized it on a temple, wash it with gangajal. And start chanting it. After having all these process wear it. You can wear it on gold, silver metal or in a silk thread.

Who can wear ten Mukhi rudraksha:

Anyone can wear this rudraksha there is no restriction of wearing rudraksha. People with different caste, religion, culture can wear rudraksha and avail its benefits. But wearing it more beneficial for those people who have any type of mental stress, financial problem, and relationship problem. This rudraksha is recommended to wear by those people who have anger issues.

Ruling planet of 10 Mukhi rudraksha:

There is no ruling planet of this ten mukhi rudraksha. Ruling deity of rudraksha is Lord Shree Krishna and Lord Narayan. It is not ruled by any planet but controlled by all planets.

Restrictions for the wearer of ten Mukhi rudraksha:

  • Wearer of 10 Mukhi rudraksha can’t eat nonveg
  • Drinking alcohol and any type of intoxication is restricted for those people who wear rudraksha
  • Don’t Share your rudraksha with anyone
  • Always keep your rudraksha clean
  • Worship it daily
  • Don’t wear it on funeral activities
  • Remove your rudraksha while sleeping
  • In the morning, before wearing rudraksha worship it.
  • After removing it on night place is at clean place

Chanting method of Ten Mukhi rudraksha:

These are three mantra you can chant while wearing ten mukhi rudraksha “Om Hreem Namah” “Sri Vishnu Namah” “Sri Vaishnavi Namah”.

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