Eleven mukhi rudraksha:

Eleven mukhi rudraksha:

Eleven mukhi rudraksha is a rudraksha with eleven faces.  It is also known as eleven faces rudraksha, ekdash rudraksha and gyarah mukhi rudraksha. Eleven mukhi rudraksha is the rudraksha bead of lord hanuman. It makes the wearer powerful and wise.

There are many benefits of eleven faced rudraksha: it controls the senses of the wearer, protects from mishaps and also gives health benefits. Eleven mukhi rudraksha indicated the symbol of lord Indra, the king of all lords. It keeps the negativities away.

It is ruled by a mercury planet, increasing the creativity of the wearer. It removes fear, aggression. There are two types of rudraksha. One is Nepali Rudraksha and one is Indonesian rudraksha. Nepali rudraksha is considered good in quality and also the most effective rudraksha.

Benefits of eleven mukhi rudraksha:

  • Protect from any type of mishaps: Rudraksha is a powerful bead; it works as a shield on the body. Wearing it can protect the wearer from negative energies and mishaps.
  • Remove mental stress of the wearer: Rudraksha removes mental stress from mind. And, makes the mind calm. It removes unnecessary stress and gives peace of mind.
  • Health benefits of this rudraksha: Along with the other benefits it also gives health benefits. It cures many diseases and makes immunity strong and wearer fit.
  • Control senses of the wearer: Rudraksha controls the senses of the wearer. And, makes the wearer powerful and wise. It controls anger, stress, fear and many more. It controls the body and mind.

Who can wear eleven mukhi rudraksha:

Anyone can wear this rudraksha; there is no restriction of wearing rudraksha. People with different caste, religion and background can wear rudraksha and avail it benefits. Wearing eleven mukhi rudraksha is more beneficial for those people who believed in Lord Hanuman. And I want to make them powerful and wise. There is no particular zodiac gin for eleven mukhi rudraksha. Wearing this rudraksha is more beneficial for those people who are afraid a lot, have spirit problems in their house, or want to remove negativity should definitely wear this rudraksha.

Restrictions for the wearer of eleven mukhi rudraksha:

  • Wearer of eleven mukhi rudraksha can’t eat non veg
  • Any type of intoxication and drinking is restricted
  • Don’t share your rudraksha bead with anyone
  • Never let anyone touch your bead
  • Remove your rudraksha bead in night
  • Before wearing it on morning, worship it
  • Never attend funeral activities while wearing 11 mukhi rudraksha
  • Worship your rudraksha bead daily
  • Always keep your rudraksha bead neat and clean
  • Never wash your rudraksha with chemical wash, always wash it raw milk or gangajal

Ruling planet of eleven mukhi rudraksha:

Mercury is the ruling planet of eleven faced rudraksha. Mercury is the planet of speech and creativity. It increases the power of intelligence of the wearer.

Chanting method of eleven mukhi rudraksha:

“Om Hreem Hum Namah” Chant this mantra while wearing it and before removing it. Chanting mantras can give you more effective results. Chant is night before removing and in the morning before wearing it.

How to wear eleven mukhi rudraksha:

It is compulsory to energize rudraksha beads before wearing them. It is ruled by mercury and controlled by all planets. So, Thursday is considered the best day to wear it. After buying it, go in a temple, wash it with raw cow milk or gangajal, then energize it and wear it, chant the mantra and pray to Lord Hanuman to make their blessing on you through this rudraksha, and then you can wear it and avail its benefits. You can wear eleven mukhi rudraksha in pendant or bracelet jewelry. You can wear it on panchdhatu metal, silver, gold, silk or woolen thread.

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