Eight Mukhi Rudraksha: Remove all obstacles

Eight Mukhi Rudraksha: Remove all obstacles

Eight mukhi rudraksha is very powerful because it has the power of the eight mountains.  It is considered as the identity of Lord Shree Ganesha who is also known as the vighnaharta and sukhkarta, this rudraksha has the power of Lord Ganesha. It is also said that this rudraksha has the power of removing obstacles.

Lord Ganesha is the lord of removing problems Lord Ganesha is worshiped before doing any auspicious work or before starting any work so that all the work gets done well and there is no obstacle in the work. And, this Rudraksha is worn so that there is no problem while doing any work.

This rudraksha also has some health benefits and also other benefits. It is believed that wearing rudraksha can free the wearer from “sarp dosh”. It is said that wearing Rudraksha gives the same virtue as bathing in the Ganga. Eight mukhi rudraksha is known as the rudraksha of removing obstacles.

Importance of Eight Mukhi Rudraksha:

  • This Rudraksha is good for health: Rudraksha is good for health problems, every rudraksha has different powers and properties and this rudraksha is effective in curing stomach disease and gallbladder issues.
  • For removing obstacles: People who wear eight mukhi rudraksha get the blessing of Lord Ganesha and lord ganesha is worshipped for removing obstacles. And the people who wear this rudraksha remove the entire obstacle.
  • Helps in improving concentration: Those people whose concentration are weak and mind are not stable should wear this rudraksha; it improves the power of concentration.

Benefits of Eight Mukhi Rudraksha:

  • Health benefits of eight mukhi rudraksha: Health benefits of eight mukhi rudraksha is it is effective in gall bladder problems and skin disease. People who have any type of bladder problem or skin disease should wear this rudraksha.
  • Improve stability and will power: More effective for lazy people, or those people who are not aware about their work. It makes them aware and improves the stability and will power of the wearer.
  • Improve concentration: People who are not able to concentrate on their work, study or any other work can wear this rudraksha for more effective results and improving concentration.
  • Remove obstacles and reduce problems: This Rudraksha works for the problems that come in the life of a person, those people who always face any type of problem in their work, career or in life should wear it for more effective results.

Who can wear Eight Mukhi Rudraksha?

Anyone can wear eight mukhi rudraksha, people with different caste, religion, background and culture can wear eight mukhi rudraksha and avail its benefits.Those people whose Rahu is weak or Rahu is placed wrong in horoscope. And those people who are mentally unstable or want mental peace should wear this rudraksha for more effective results.

Restriction for wearer of Eight Mukhi Rudraksha:

  • Wearer of eight mukhi rudraksha can’t eat non veg
  • Those people who wear eight mukhi rudraksha can’t do any type of intoxication.
  • Worship rudraksha bead daily
  • People have to remove their rudraksha bead at night and worship it in the morning before wearing it.
  • Never share your bead with anyone and don’t let anyone touch it.
  • Don’t wear rudraksha bead at funeral activities

Perfect day and method of wearing eight mukhi rudraksha:

For wearing rudraksha, the month of saavan maas is considered more preferable but you can also wear it on other months. In other months,  you can wear it on Monday and Thursday. Firstly, early in the morning go to the temple, sit at a clean place and wash your rudraksha bead with raw cow’s milk and then in gangajal, after washing it you can wear it or chant it. You can chant your eight mukhi rudraksha beads with the “OM HUM NAMAH” mantra.

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