December Birthstone: Tanzanite, Turquoise and Natural Zircon

December Birthstone: Tanzanite, Turquoise and Natural Zircon

All the months have one or two birthstones, But the December and last month have more than two birthstones, as they have three birthstones : Tanzanite, Turquoise and Zircon. All these three December birthstone have different benefits and use for different purposes. Tanzanites have amazing healing properties, turquoise is used for attracting good luck and zircon is used for luxurious life.


Tanzanite is a December birthstone that belongs from the Zoisite minerals having a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on Mohs scale. Earlier its name was Blue Zoisite but it was named Tanzanite because it is found in only one and only place in the whole world whose name is Tanzania. It is usually blue in color but it also has colorful shades like purple and violet. Tanzanite shows a different shade of color when it is viewed from different angles and this phenomenon happens due to pleochroism.

December Birthstone

Benefits of wearing tanzanite december birthstone:

Good for relationships: Tanzanite improves relationships; it brings understanding, love and coordination in relationships. Tanzanite increases trust and is beneficial in reducing jealousy and pettiness between the partners.

Heals chakra of body: The tanzanite gemstone is responsible for three chakras of the body that are crown chakra, throat chakra and their eye chakra. So it removes the blockage of this chakra and helps to activate it.

Health benefits: Tanzanite has properties of curing skin and hair problems. It is worn for hair loss problems, curing skin infections or allergies. Wearing a tanzanite can help you to detoxify blood, strengthen the immune system.

Turquoise: Second December Birthstone

December Birthstone

Turquoise (feroza/feroza) is a very recognized gemstone and december birthstone as it is worn by the famous celebrity Salman khan, It gains a popularity because of wearing by a famous personality but it also has a amazing benefits Turquoise is a solid opaque blue-green gemstone. Turquoise was first found in Turkey, at that time it was called Turkish stone and since then it was named Turquoise stone. Hardness is about 5-6 of feroza stone. It is associated with the planet Venus. 

Benefits of Turquoise:

It attracts good luck: Turquoise gemstone has the power of attracting good luck, wearing it can help to remove misfortune. Everything will be possible and in favour and positive.

Cures health disease: All the gemstones have metaphysical healing properties, they affect various diseases. Wearing feroza gemstones for healing can help you to cure disease related to lungs and liver.

Brings positivity: Turquoise gemstone is also a type of grounding stone, it absorbs all the negative energies and converts it into the positive one. It helps to attract positive vibes and create a positive environment.

Zircon: Third December Birthstone

December Birthstone

Zircon, december birthstone belongs to the nesosilicate mineral family; it is available in many different colors. This birthstone is also used as a substitute for diamond gemstone. The hardness of zircon is about 7.5 on the Mohs scale. It is ruled by the planet Venus, wearing it to strengthen Venus in horoscopes. It has many different varieties of blue, red, green and other colors. It looks similar to diamond, has a beautiful luster and high transparency.

Benefits of zircon gemstone:

It excites sahasrara chakra: Zircon gemstone is connected with sahasrara chakra, it helps to activate it. Blockage of its chakra leads to less enthusiasm, fear of bad luck and death.

Brings success: Struggling from a long time and not getting success, so zircon can help you to get success easily. Good for the people struggling for a good career, working people not getting success.

Gives peace to its wearer: One of the best benefits of wearing zircon is that it gives a relief from anxiety, tension and depression. It also strengthens the memory power and learning power.

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