Basics of Rudraksha Bead

Rudraksha is a powerful bead which plays an important role in Vedic astrology. Rudraksha is a prayer bead, which comes from Himalaya and Nepal; it is considered that rudraksha has the power of Lord Shiva. The name of rudraksha comes from two words that are “Rudra” which means “Lord Shiva” and “Aksa” means “Tears”. The whole meaning of rudraksha is tears of lord Shiva. Whoever wears rudraksha gets rid of many diseases, problems and gets a lot of benefits.

Rudraksha bead is the blessing of Lord Shiva. Person, who wears rudraksha gets mental peace, becomes physically strong, has a stable mind and gets rid of many health problems. Wearing rudraksha bead is beneficial because it is a blessing of the Lord. After wearing it you get blessed and become mentally and physically strong.

Anyone who wants to wear rudraksha bead can wear it. There is no limitation of age, gender, or religion. Anyone who is facing problems, wants a stable mind, needs better health can wear rudraksha. Rudraksha works similarly on every person. Doesn’t matter what your religion, caste, culture if you want to wear than you can wear.

Both Rudraksha bead have the same quality, the smaller rudraksha bead is hard to find because these rudraksha are not plucked from trees. They have to wait, when they are fully ripped and fall down then it is selling. It is hard to find, that’s why it is expensive, and otherwise both of rudraksha bead have similar properties and benefits.

There are many types of rudraksha. Every rudraksha bead has different faces and is used for different purposes. Every rudraksha is worn as per the wearer’s choice or horoscope. But some of the main rudraksha are panchmukhi, dwimukhi, shanmukhi and gowri Shankar.

Panchmukhi: Panchmukhi has 5 faces of rudraksha. This rudraksha is worn by people above the age 14. It is worn for purity and inner freedom.

Dwimukhi: This rudraksha has two faces. It is more beneficial for married people as it promotes love and strengthens relationships.

Shanmukhi: It is six faced rudraksha and it is more beneficial for children below age 14 because it promotes a better physical and mental growth.

Gowri Shankar: It is the most known rudraksha where two rudraksha are fused together and worn by above age 14. The benefits of this rudraksha are it activates seven chakra and energy channels.

Condition a new rudraksha bead by soaking; immersing them in ghee for 24 hours after it soaks them in full- fat milk for next 24 hours. After having this process, wash it with clean water and then wipe it with a cloth.

Conditioning should be done after six month. But while conditioning, keep it away from chemicals or do not use any soap or chemical wash.  For conditioning, you can use ghee, full fat milk or gangajal.

Rudraksha can be worn anytime, you don’t need to remove it while sleeping or taking a shower. If you take a bath with cold water and without any soap. Then it is good and you don’t need to remove it. But taking a bath with hot water and using soap can harm it. Hot water can crack rudraksha bead.


Know More About Rudraksha

No, there is one rudraksha with 108 beads which is known as Bindu. It is suggested to adults to wear more than 84 beads and also plus bindu.  Bindu is important in rudraksha mala because a circular flow of mala can cause dizziness to the wearer.

No. Every rudraksha is similar in effect whether it is small or big. Every rudraksha effects the same. Smaller rudraksha are rare to find and that’s why they are expensive. Otherwise all rudraksha are the same and work similarly.                 

No. Your rudraksha bead should not be shared with anyone. Using rudraksha or someone else’s rudraksha is not effective at all. Rudraksha is new, natural, and should not be worn by anyone and should not be used in any worship.

Rudraksha bead is worn for spiritual purposes. It is not better to remove it frequently but if you take it off then you should place it in a silk thread or on a copper vessel. But copper vessels should not be used while conditioning.

No, there is no restriction for keeping bindu at any spot. When you sleep, walk or do sadhana, rudraksha will change its position. Best place for rudraksha is positioning bindu at the centre of the chest.  But whenever you move it moves along with you and that’s okay.

Rudraksha bead is blessed with god. If you wear rudraksha then it is better to respect it and taking care of it. It is not jewellery whenever you want you can wear and then remove it. If you remove it and place it somewhere for 2-3 days then it becomes useless. Once it loses its power then it will not affect at all, not even after conditioning.


Storage & Maintenance:

If some rudraksha bead breaks then it is necessary to remove it from the mala. Broken beads should be removed instantly because it becomes useless and also change the other fine bead into useless. But remember one thing mala beads should not be less than 84 for above age 14.

For an effective result it is better to touch all the beads in the rudraksha mala. But the thread of rudraksha mala should not be tight. Otherwise beads will press each other and the rudraksha bead can break. Some space is needed for the ideal mala.

Rudraksha is a natural bead that should be stored in a natural vessel. When you condition it, mud, glass or wooden bowls can be used, if gold or silver bowls are available then you can also use it. But, the most important thing is that copper should not be used because ghee and milk react with copper. Plastic is also avoided while conditioning. You can use copper vessels when not conditioning.

Some gauri Shankar rudraksha comes with a metal loop to tie it at the end of the panchmukhi mala. When you tie gauri Shankar rudraksha in panchmukhi mala then it is important to leave the bindu. Gauri Shankar rudraksha can be tied below the bindu. Bindu shows the energy flow of mala is not circular.

Rudraksha is a powerful bead which can change life. Its demand is very high. But its substitute is also available in the market. Its name is bhadraksha, this seed is very harmful. Rudraksha and bhadraksha both look similar. It is difficult to find the difference between rudraksha and bhadraksha. If you take it in your hands and your hands are sensitive then you will know the difference.



Conditioning a rudraksha means increasing the lifespan of it and protecting it from brittle and cracking. Immersing it in ghee, milk or sesame oil can be beneficial for rudraksha. Conditioning rudraksha doesn’t mean energising it.

After conditioning, rudraksha bead may slightly smell of milk or ghee. After removing it from milk, rudraksha bead should be covered from vibhuti for removing extra oil. You need to take some vibhuti on your hands and then cover it and roll rudraksha in it. But, Water, chemicals or soap should be avoided.

The ghee you used for conditioning should be used as oil in lamps, food for plants. You can also keep it for next conditioning but it should not be consumed or used in food.

It is totally normal, the first time when you condition it after purchasing yellow leakage happens. Colour can be different; it can be black or yellow. The mud which is applied on rudraksha bead is removed, which clarifies that rudraksha is natural.

Rudraksha bead becomes darker after wearing it because it absorbs the substances like ghee, milk oil of conditioning and also your body oil and sweat. It is a totally normal process.

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