Blue Topaz: Subsitute of Precious Blue Sapphire

Blue Topaz: Subsitute of Precious Blue Sapphire

Blue topaz is a substitute of blue sapphire gemstone. It is a blue colored semi-precious gemstone belonging to the topaz mineral family. It is light blue in colour and transparent in appearance. It is the birthstone of December month. This topaz gemstone is a gemstone of Jupiter planet. It provides all the qualities of Jupiter to the wearer. Wearing this gemstone can bring love and faith in relationships, makes wearers mind sharp and improves the learning power. Along with these benefits, it also heals some health diseases and gets rid of insomnia, heart, kidney or mental problems. It is a healing gemstone having many properties.

Benefits of Blue Topaz:

Good for financial status: This is a gemstone having many benefits, the most important benefit is it is good for making bad financial conditions better than before.

Beneficial for relationships: Wearing topaz gemstone can bring love and faith in relationships and improves the better understanding between both people, that’s why blue topaz is considered a good stone for relationships.

Health benefits: There are many health benefits of wearing blue topaz; it helps the wearer to get rid of insomnia, heart or kidney disease. Good for those who have any mental stress or anxiety.

Improve creativity: This is the gemstone of Jupiter planet, Strong Jupiter makes the wearer creative, improves their learning power and helps to get success in their career or business.

Who can wear blue Topaz:

It can be worn by anyone; one whose favourite colour is blue can’t resist wearing this gemstone. Its blue colour makes the jewellery more beautiful and attractive. As you read above, Blue Topaz is birthstone for December. So, it is good for December born people and a perfect birthday gift for December people. Blue topaz is lucky gemstone for celebrating 4th wedding anniversary. According to Indian astrology Aquarius and according to western astrology Sagittarius is the suitable zodiac sign for blue colored topaz gemstone. Along with these benefits it is also recommended for strengthening weak Jupiter in horoscopes. You can gift it or wear it by yourself as an astrology gemstone or as jewellery.

How to wear Blue Topaz:

Weight: It is worn according to the wearer’s body weight. At least 1/10th of the body weight is worn. For e.g. wearers having body weight 70 kg have to wear at least 7 carat.

Metal: For blue topaz gemstone, silver is considered good metal. Except silver platinum and white gold is also but gold metal should be avoided.

Finger: Ring of blue topaz is worn on the middle finger.

Day & Time: Wear blue topaz on Saturday morning between 5 AM to 7 AM.

Chanting Mantra: This is the chanting mantra for the wearer ‘Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’, ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः ।

Quality of Blue Topaz:

Origin: It comes from many countries but the main source of blue topaz is Brazil. Quality of Brazilian topaz is considered the best. These topazes are effective and give many astrological benefits.

Colour: Blue topaz is blue in colour, but available in many different shades. Sky, Swiss and London blue topaz are the most demanded topaz gemstones. But for astrological benefits light to medium blue shades of topaz are good.

Clarity: Natural gemstones always have some normal inclusions. Clear and transparent topazes are very rarely found and also these stones are very expensive. These inclusions are normal and don’t affect astrological benefits.

Cut: Gemstone is found in many designs and shapes. It all depends on the wearer which shape they prefer for their suitability. Otherwise, Oval mix shape and rectangular shapes are the shapes which make the jewellery more adorable.

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