Best Substitute of Yellow Sapphire: Citrine & Yellow Topaz

Best Substitute of Yellow Sapphire: Citrine & Yellow Topaz

Yellow sapphire is counted in precious gemstones, as it is very effective and connected with the Jupiter planet. But, it is precious, rare and expensive and that’s why everyone can’t afford it. Here, a substitute of yellow sapphire works. Alternatives of gemstones have similar properties like precious one and also they look the same.

But substitute of yellow sapphire are less expensive, not rare and counted as semi precious. Precious stones and their substitutes are ruled by the same planet, they work similarly, but one is expensive and another is not. Anyone can replace their precious gemstone with their substitutes. Substitutes are also effective, works similar but not same as precious. Mostly properties of yellow sapphire and its substitute are same.

Substitute of Yellow Sapphire: Citrine and Yellow Topaz

Citrine: First substitute of yellow sapphire

substitute of yellow sapphire

Citrine or you can say sunela is the first and best substitute of yellow sapphire gemstone; it belongs to the quartz mineral family. It has a yellowish to golden brown colour. As per western astrology citrine is also a birthstone of the month November. The hardness of this stone is 7 on the Mohs scale. Citrine gemstone symbolises optimism and positivity. Citrine is a popular stone, which is used only as a substitute of yellow sapphire but it is also known for its properties. It is also used as a crystal form in home or office so that it can affect all people there.

Benefits of Citrine:

·        Increase intelligence power also improve learning power

·        Attract money and increase financial growth

·        Removes relationship problems

·        Cures health disease related to organs

·        Gives a protection against malefic effects of Jupiter and also strengthen it

Wearing Method: Similar to yellow sapphire gemstone, it is also worn on Thursday morning between 5AM to 7AM after doing the energizing process. Silver and Gold both metals are good, alloy and platinum can also be used. Ring and pendant both can be worn but if ring is worn then worn in index finger because Jupiter mount is placed just below the index finger. If a person is not interested in wearing it then also keep it in home, office or other place.

Origins of Citrine: Major origins of citrine are Bolivia, Russia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil and USA. From all these countries, Brazilian citrine is considered the best quality because of its colour and lustre. After it, African citrine is of better quality.

Yellow Topaz: Another Yellow Sapphire

substitute of yellow sapphire

Yellow topaz is a yellow colored gemstone of topaz family. It is also a good substitute of yellow sapphire gemstone. Hardness of this stone is 8 on the Mohs scale. According to western astrology, yellow topaz is a birthstone of zodiac sign Sagittarius. Yellow topaz is very affordable but expensive than citrine gemstone. Yellow topaz symbolises harmony and balance.

Benefits of Yellow Topaz:

·        Brings growth in academic or professional life

·        Effective for increasing fame and prosperity

·        Can cure health disease or disorders

·        Effective for marriage and relationships\

·        Protect from ill effects of Jupiter and strengthen it

Wearing Method: Its wearing method is also the same as yellow sapphire and citrine. Wear on Thursday morning, for yellow topaz panchdhatu metal is more preferable but other metals can also be used. Just like other stones, it is also important to energise it. It is also worn on the index finger but its pendant can also be worn.

Origins of Yellow Topaz: Yellow topaz originated from Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Africa and Australia. The best quality yellow topazes come from Brazil because its topaz is rich in colour and has better quality than others. After the Brazilian topaz Ukraine and Russian topaz are more preferable.

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