Basra Pearl: Variety of Pearl Gemstone

Basra Pearl: Variety of Pearl Gemstone

Basra Pearl is a variety of pearl gemstone. Pearl is a white colored beautiful precious gemstone and it is worn for many types of astrological benefits. It is also known as Moti in Hindi, It is formed under sea by a living organism named mollusk. It has a different role in astrology, it is ruled by the moon planet and it is also a birthstone of June born people.

Pearl comes from countries and every pearl has different roles and properties. Basra pearls are very different from normal pearls. Pearl gemstone has many benefits: it is worn to reduce anger. It makes the wearer calm, polite and positive.

Benefits of wearing Basra pearl:

  • Reduce anger: This pearl gemstone is ruled by the moon planet which is the planet of emotion, it controls emotions and specially anger of the wearer. Strong moon helps the wearer to control their emotions and anger.
  • Makes the wearer calm: As you read above, it reduces anger and emotion of the wearer. It makes the wearer calm and polite. It helps the wearer to make their mind stable and gives them positivity.
  • Brings positivity: Pearl gemstone is the gemstone of the moon planet, it brings positivity and makes the mind positive. That positivity helps the wearer to take right decisions and clear thought.
  • Health benefits: Along with the other benefits pearl gemstone also gives health benefits to the wearer. It is beneficial in curing eyes, skin and other health diseases of the wearer.

Who can wear Basra pearl:

Basra pearls can be worn by anyone who wants and it has many benefits, anyone who’s Moon is weak or wrongly placed in their horoscope is recommended to wear pearl gemstone. On the other hand if anyone has anger issues and emotions problems, eyes, skin or any other health problem then it can be beneficial for them. According to Indian and western astrology, cancer is the suitable zodiac sign for wearing pear.

How to wear Basra pearl:

  • Weight: Gemstone is worn according to their body weight. At least 1/10 of the body weight is worn. For e.g. if anyone has a body weight 60 kg then they have to wear 6 carat.
  • Colour: Pearl comes in many colours brown, silver and white many colours are available. But most of the time white is more preferable.
  • Metal: Silver is the highly preferable metal for wearing pearl gemstone.
  • Day and Time: Pearl is worn on Monday. You can wear it on Monday morning between 5AM to 7AM.
  • Chanting method: ‘Om Son Sonmay Namaha’, ॐ सों सोमाय नमः ।

Basra pearl quality:

Most of the pearls are round in shape and white in colour, But Basra pearls are found in unusual shapes. It is highly preferable and quite expensive. Besides astrology, Basra

 are mostly worn in jewellery just because of their unusual shape and size, it can easily attract anyone.  Basra is a city of Iraq and it is founded in that city. It is founded and comes from many countries but Basra is considered the best. It is very rarely found and also it is very expensive.

How to identify Basra Pearl:

  • Shape: It is very easy to identify the Basra pearl because it is unusual in shape. Every Basra pearl has a different weight size and its shape is never found in round or the same shape.
  • Colour: Most of the Basra pearls are white in colour and by colour anyone can easily identify it because it mostly color in white. It has a different shining and white colour in its surface.
  • Weight: As compared to other pearl gemstones, Basra pearls are very light in weight and other pearl gemstones are heavy. When comparing both pearl gemstones anyone can easily identify the Basra pearl and normal pearl.

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