Benefits of Moissanite Stone: Alternative of Diamond

Benefits of Moissanite Stone: Alternative of Diamond

Moissanite stone is a lab created stone that looks like diamond. It has all the properties of natural diamond stone. Moissanite is more affordable than diamond and it is also used for astrology purposes. Diamond is a very beautiful and an effective gemstone ruled by planet Venus.

Planet Venus is responsible for luxury, married life and prosperity. Natural diamond is a very expensive gemstone, it can’t be afforded by everyone but many people face the problem of wrongly placed or weak Venus in horoscopes. So, here is the best substitute for diamonds, which is moissanite stone.

Moissanite looks like diamond and has similar properties like diamond. The hardness of moissanite is 9.5 on the Mohs scale. Moissanite was firstly discovered by the person named Henry Moissan in 1893. For making moissanite silicon carbide chemical is used. It is manmade stone created with

Benefits of moissanite stone:

It attracts luxury: Moissanite stone is ruled by the planet Venus, which is responsible for luxurious life. Strong Venus in horoscope helps to fulfil all desires and wishes. Wearing it attracts luxurious life and all the dreams come true.

Good for married Life: Moissanite stone is beneficial for married life. Moissanite is good for the people facing problems in marriage, delay in marriage. Helps to get a successful marriage life. Moissanite eliminates problems like frequent interruptions in marriage, break up of relationships.

Brings Prosperity:  Wearing a moissanite brings progress, prosperity, and good fame. It raises the social status and reputation in the society. It also helps to get success easily and soon.

Improve creativity: Moissanite stone is highly recommended to the people for improving their imagination and creativity. It is useful for people with high or low creativity.

Improve financial status: Wearing Moissanite reduces financial trouble, it attracts money and luxury, helps to get success, attracts opportunity for getting more and more money. Moissanite is effective in eliminating problems like non-stop money, spending more than earning.

moissanite stone

Who can wear moissanite stone:

Moissanite stone is a similar stone like diamond. Its jewellery looks beautiful and attractive. Anyone can wear it; there is no side effect of wearing moissanite stone. Many people wear it for astrology purposes and many people wear it for fashion purposes. But In astrology, moissanite is recommended to the people having weak Venus or wrongly placed Venus. It is also suggested that people want to wear diamonds for astrology but are not able to afford it. Any couple who is facing problems in their married life. Those people who are doing hard work but are not getting success. Those people, who are facing financial problems, want to fulfil all their dreams and wishes, want luxurious life.

How to wear:

As you read above moissanite stone is connected with the Venus planet, so the best day for wearing moissanite is Friday, if it is for astrology purposes. Friday morning between 6 AM to 9 AM. Any metal which is suitable to the wearer can be worn.

Why moissanite is used in engagement ring:

Many of the people prefer moissanite rings for engagement. Wearing Moissanite stone increases love in married life, engagement is a function in which the bond of a couple starts. When the beginning is good, then love will remain in life.

In such a situation it is very auspicious to wear Moissanite stone, which not only increases the love between the couple, but also keeps the atmosphere of the house good and helps in getting children. It not only increases love, it also increases harmony, understanding, coordination, romance and communication between the couple. That’s why Moissanite’s ring is worn on auspicious occasions like engagement.

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