Amethyst gemstone (Symbol of power): Februrary birthstone

Amethyst gemstone (Symbol of power): Februrary birthstone

Birthstone for February is amethyst. Amethyst gemstone is also suitable for Aquarius born people. Along with the birthstone it is also used for the sixth and seventieth celebration of anniversary. Amethyst gemstone attracts good luck, good health, success and attracts money. For February born people, amethyst is a symbol of power and strength.

Birthstones are connected with the birth month. Every different birth month has a different birthstone. Wearing your suitable birthstone can bring good luck, prosperity and better health in your life. February is the second month which is the shortest month of the calendar. February is the Month of love, the February born people are very unique and creative.

Importance of Amethyst Gemstone:

Amethyst gemstone is a purple colored beautiful semi precious gemstone and a variety of quartz mineral family. Another name of amethyst is katella and jamunia. Quartz is found in earth crust and widely available in different colours.

The Amethyst word is derived from the Greek word amethystos which means “not drunk” or “drunkenness”. The ancient Greek said that a person could drink whole night but stay controlled if they had an amethyst.

Another fact of amethyst is dreaming of receiving an amethyst as a gift brings good luck and dreaming of giving an amethyst means you forgive them. In ancient times, Egyptians used amethyst in amulets as a prayer for protection.

Astrological Benefits of Amethyst Gemstone:

Brings good luck: Amethyst is an effective gemstone, for February born people it is more beneficial. It has a lot of benefits but it is most effective for attracting good luck.

Symbol of power and strength: From ancient times, amethyst is considered a symbol of power and strength. It is believed that it makes the person powerful and gives strength to them.

Brings wisdom: From an ancient time it is worn for astrological and other benefits. It attracts a lot of positive energy and is also effective in attracting success and wisdom.

Health benefits: Amethyst has many health benefits and it also works in health problems. It is connected with a third eye and seven chakra, detoxifies the body, removes stress and provides better health.

Amethyst Gemstone

Quality of Amethyst Gemstone:

Origin: Amethyst is a natural stone found in the crust of earth. It comes from many sources but the best quality of amethyst is comes from Siberia, Brazil and Far East. Other countries are South America, Africa, Western India and many more.

Colour: Amethyst is available in many shades of purple colour. From light purple to reddish purple to dark purple. High quality amethyst is reddish purple with invisible colour zoning.

Clarity: It is obvious to have minor inclusions in natural stones. Amethysts also have some inclusions. Minor inclusions are alright; they don’t affect the quality and benefits of amethyst.

Procedure of wearing amethyst gemstone:

Metal: Amethyst is worn on white metal like silver and platinum. Gold and panchdhatu are usually avoided.

Weight: Most of the gemstones are worn 1/10th of the body weight. Amethyst is one of them.

Day and Time: Amethyst is associated with the Saturn planet. So, Saturday is the perfect day for wearing an amethyst.

Chanting Mantra: Mantra for Saturn planet is “Om Sham Shanaishcharaye Namah ” which you have to chant while chanting and energising amethyst.

Finger: Amethyst is a beautiful stone which can be used in various jewellery. But if you are wearing it for astrology then its ring is worn in the middle finger.

How to energise: Firstly you need to take a bowl then add ganga jal, some basil leaves, raw cow milk, honey and ghee. Then chant the mantra “Om Sham Shanaishcharaye Namah” 108 times. Now take out your amethyst jewellery from the bowl and clean it with water and then you can wear it. 

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